Статті 22 номера "Київського політехніку" за 2015 рік

Future engineers defended their marketing projects

6 and 9 June 2015 students of "MaM (marketing and management) specialist", organized by ABB together with the Centre "CSR" at the Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automation NTUU "KPI", successfully defended their projects.

Monitoring of transportation: innovative solutions

For doing the international project "UKRAINE" on the 12 of June in the framework of the European Union "Horizon 2020" European monitoring company "OVINTO" under the auspices of the European Agency for global navigation satellite systems (EGNSS Agency) held a "KPI" seminar "Innovative solutions co

Visit to China: in search of new opportunities

On invitation of Guangdong Union scientific-technical collaboration with DNS countries the delegation of NTUU "KPI" consisting of the rector for international relations S. I. Sidorenko, head of foreign economic activity office of the international co-operation department f A. P.

June 22 - Day of mourning and commemorating war victims

The Second World War (01.09.1939 – 02.09.1945) – the bloodiest global conflict, in the course of which died, according to various estimates, from 50 to 85 million people. As the terrible tragedy it is remembered and commemorated around the world.

KPI Publisher: Traditions & the Present Time

Ukraine celebrated the Printer’s Day, in the late May and almost at once the Journalist’s Day. Only a few people know that in May students of KPI can celebrate another date, that is, the foundation of KPI publisher.

Aerobics Competition among Faculties

Aerobic Gymnastics competition for championship of faculties on sports day program of NTUU “KPI” was held April 21, 2015 in the central aerobics and fitness hall. It began with the participants’ parade. The competition chief judge S.