Lectures of scientists from Australia and the United States for financial and insurance mathematics

Department of mathematical analysis and probability theory has long-standing relationships with leading research universities around the world. Mutual research conducted with the University of Cergy Pontoise (c. Paris, France), Institute of number theory and probability theory (c. Ulm, Germany), Institute of Mathematical Statistics and Insurance Science (c. Bern, Switzerland). The result of this fruitful collaboration began publishing about 20 articles in specialized international journals, holding Ukrainian-French scientific seminar "Modern mathematical questions financial markets" (2012) and the German-Ukrainian scientific seminar "Empirical full convergence and other new theory limit theorems probability "(2013).

Cooperation with foreign experts constantly expanding both geographically and thematically. In late May 2015 the Department conducted a two-day series of lectures under the new academic specializations "Insurance and Financial Mathematics".

Two lectures read this cycle leading foreign scientists from Australia and the United States: IB Heninson (chief analyst, IBS Capital, Sydney, Australia) and VI Kolchinsky (Professor, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA). The report examined the current state of financial analysis and methods of the examples of Australian and US financial markets and challenges faced by the industry experts. It was considered important tools of banks and exporters, their characteristics and risks of use.

After reports held heated discussion. It was interested in cooperation with Ukrainian colleagues and concrete proposals for assistance in the formation of a new specialization. It was noted that in this difficult time for our country around the world feel solidarity with Ukraine. Foreign counterparts agree to support the aspirations of scientists and teachers "KPI" Ukrainian teach students modern methods and Sciences.


Professor of Mathematical Analysis and probability theory