Статті 22 номера "Київського політехніку" за 2013 рік

Abilities supported by work

Correctly choosing a profession, you determine its future destiny, student of fifth year Vladimir Dmitruk IEE year is sure. After graduating from the Moscow school, Vladimir perfectly passed the entrance exams and was admitted to study at MDTU named after M.E. Bauman.

Breathing exercise for health

Human's life begins with breathing in, maintains by breathing and ends with exhalation. Regulating the breathing allows human to change his/her condition. Indian sage X-XI c. Horaksha claimed the breathing to be a fire which burns the consequences of the actions: inhalation gives strength, controls and clears the body, breathholding makes thoughts clear and gives a long life, and exhalation has cleaning functions. According to the Indian yoga, breathing exercises influence on life energy ( ci or chi - in Chinese, ki - in Korean and Japanese, thi - in Vietnamese). Among most people its activity is poor, the circulation is chaotic or blocked that causes diseases, which can be omitted by the breathing regulation. The objects of the regulation are the way of breathing: through the mouth or nose (preferable), through one nostril, by turns: through left or right etc; the phase (inhalation, exhalation, breathholding, and pause); type (upper, intermediate, lower); duration and intensity of phases, rhythm, tempo. Inhalation increases the cortex tone, exhalation reduces it.

Recognition of merits and expression of gratitude

During the meeting on the highest level between the President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich and the Prime Minister of Japan Naoto Kana, that was held on the 16th of January 2011, in the course of discussion of the state and prospects of the bilateral partnership the Heads of two countries mention the functioning of the Ukrainian-Japanese Centre of NTUU "KPI". In the "Mutual declaration between the President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich and Prime Minister of Japan Naoto Kana about Ukrainian-Japanese global partnership" was written: "…Among various types of activities of the Centre the two Heads pointed out that the technical cooperation on Japanese projects and management of programs were extremely important for the development of particular branches of Ukrainian economy. They admitted that the Centre must remain being an important element of bilateral partnership in the realm of science and technology, stimulation of investments, learning Japanese language, mutual enrichment of the cultures, increasing the level of the mutual understanding with the active involving of all parts interested from the both countries..."

At the meeting of the academic board: 03.06.2013

03.06.2013 The regular meeting of the Academic Board of the university took place on 3 June 2013. It began with the ceremonial part during which Ihor Leonardovych Pioro was presented with the mantle, the diploma and the badge of The Honorary Doctor of NTUU "KPI". Yurii Ivanovych Yakymenko, Deputy Chairman of the Board and First Pro-Rector, introduced the visitor and invited him to read a brief lecture on the current state of the global energetics and its prospects. In his report Ihor Leonardovych compared the volume of generation and use of electricity in different countries of the world (Ukraine, Russia, USA, Italy etc.).

Actual manual

There was published a manual titled "Inorganic Chemistry nutrients", written by the Head of the Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering Dr. Sci. O.O. Andriyko.

Engineering and Computer Graphics Competition

On 21-22nd 2013 at Descriptive Geometry, Engineering and Computer Graphics Department of Physical and mathematical Faculty took place General University Contest for students. Branch of learning is “Engineering and Computer Graphics” and nominations are: “Engineering and Computer Graphics.

Through the trails of Crimea

Students During the May holidays the KPI students attending the tourism section joined forces with the pupils of the School #2 of Vyshniovka to go on a hiking trip of the first category of difficulty through the caves of Crimea.

The contest elite of Ukraine again in KPI

Skills and ability to puzzle out atypical tasks were shown us by talented students of Ukraine during the annual contest in the field of “Information security” which traditionally took place on April 15 - 17 at the faculty of information security of Institute of Physics and Technology of NTUU “KPI