Статті 17 номера "Київського політехніку" за 2013 рік

Dear liberators, dear WWII veterans!

Many years have passed since the memorable May,1945. However, today the great feat of defenders and liberators remains an inexhaustible source of patriotism, that faithfully service to his people.

The Price of the Great Victory: Ukrainian Dimension

Every state has some dates which signify remarkable events. May 9, the Victory Day, is such a date for Ukraine.

Every year, as May begins, the activity of governmental and non-governmental institutions increases: at different levels of public administration more attention is drawn to the participants in the Great Patriotic War, battle-front veterans and children of war. The reasons why the war was unleashed, nations' and states' participation and contribution to the Victory, its effects on the further development of the society are still being discussed by journalists, politicians and scholars specializing on the war. Films and series about the war are shown on TV.

Voice of victory. Yurii Borysovych Levitan

Many people believe that the personal enemy of Adolf Hitler was a legendary submariner, the Hero of the Soviet Union Oleksandr Ivanovych Marynesko (1913-1963), which is sent to the bottom of the Baltic Sea the ship called "Wilhelm Hustlov" with five thousand people on the board.

On the Intellectual Property Day [research and practical training workshop “Practical Application of Forensic Enquiry of Intellectual Property Objects in Ukraine”]

In 2013 the International Intellectual Property Day, celebrated on April 26 every year, was celebrated under the slogan of "Creativity: Next Generation". With this motto it draws the attention of the general public to the role of youth in the country’s development. The progress of modern science, culture and arts is tied to young people. The youth are open to perception of knowledge, easily acquire skills and abilities, have an immense intellectual potential and extraordinary creative abilities which manifest themselves in the perception, picturesqueness of thought, restless imagination, aspiration for fantasy, relaxedness and keen memory typical of young adults. The notion of youth is directly associated with that of the future. And thus, more attention is being drawn to the issues of raising the younger generation’s interest in intellectual property, one of the most important phenomena of the XXI century.