The movie of the graduate of KPI was awarded in Cannes!

This May the award of the international federation of film critics FIPRESCI of the 65th Cannes Film Festival was given to the movie "In fog" by the director Sergey Loznitsa. This movie is a joint product of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia, Germany and the Netherlands.

KPI has its own plane

On August 30 the airplane Yak-40 appeared at the site of Aviation and Space at the State Polytechnic Museum NTUU "KPI".

TPD students at the Conference in USA

Representatives of the Department of nuclear power plants and engineering thermophysics (NPP and ET) of NTUU "KPI" thermal power department took part in one of the most prestigious international conferences on nuclear safety, held on July 30-August 3 in Anaheim (California, USA).

International summer school AACIMP-2012

Summer School "Achievements and application of contemporary informatics, mathematics and physics" (AACIMP) is a scientific and educational project, which for seven years has been successfully implemented by the Scientific Society of NTUU "KPI" undergraduate and graduate students.

Success of the CE chair scientists at the conference МЕСО-2012

On June 19-21, 2012, the Mediterranean Conference on Embedded Computing MECO-2012 was held in Bar (Montenegro). It brought together scientists from more than 30 countries. Our University was presented by the head of the department of computer engineering prof. O.M.Lysenko and his students – graduates E.V.Korotky, O.Yu.Romanov, A.Yu.Varfolomeev and senior lecturer O.I.Antonyuk.