Internet Centre “Akme-Harmoniia”

The internet centre “Akme-Harmoniia” was created at the Faculty of Heat and Power Engineering (Department of Automation of Power Processes and Systems Engineering, APEPS).

Protection of nuclear safety

Ukraine belongs to the few countries with a large-scale program of atomic energy usage for peaceful purposes. Therefore, the implementation of measures for safe operation of nuclear plants, protection of population and environment is one of the main directions of state policy.

Alumni meeting of thermal power engineers

On a warm May day, as always "unconventional", there was a meeting of alumni of the TP-52, TEF, 2001 year of graduation. Former students in full gathered together with their families in the Bucha Extreme Park.

Going forward with confidence

Bohdan Kaidyk, the 5th-year student of TEF, was born in town Kolkakh on Styr river, Volyn region. His education has started in the class with specialization in physics and mathematics of local school.

TEF International conference

May 11–12th, on the basis of Heat-and-Power Engineering department of Igor Sikorsky KPI the IV International scientific-practical conference "Sustainable development of ХХІ century: management, technologies, models (Scientific discussion named after Ihor Nedin)" was carried out.