Student of the dormitory #7 will be the first ones  to feel the advantage of the "Electronic payment for students" . They were able to pay for services for accommodation in electronic form. Their hostel is connected to the system from  December 26, 2012.

This system was created at the initiative and with the direct participation of students of the Faculty of Informatics and Computing Technics (FICT)  Dennis Yuvzhenko  and Oleksandr Tereschyuk. In September 2012 they submitted   to the university administration  a proposal to create a software implementation of which will help to overcome the problem of queues, which appears when students, who live in dormitories, pay for the services. They developed this system also  with the prospect of using the results of their work as graduation projects.

The work was conducted under the supervision of associate professor of computer science Sergei G. Stirenko closely with campus administration, accountants NTUU "KPI" and campus, NTO "KPI-Telecom", KPI Student Council, Science Park "Kyiv Polytechnic", Youth Business Incubator "Politeko" and a company - a partner of the Scientific park «MoneXy». The last one ensured electronic payment system with reliable processing, and also create an infrastructure for providing convenient payment services through without commission replenishment. This is a great advantage of the "Electronic payment for students", since in general in Ukraine recharge any electronic money is made with the commission.

Software was created within three months and the system started to work. After a series of payments in the test mode and the analysis of the system until the end of January it will be connected to other hostels. The plans for 2013  include providing payment options through the "Electronic payment for students' of all the services provided in the KPI. To operate the system, it is sufficient to take three steps.

1 step. Open the e-wallet "MoneXy":

  • go to the website;
  • introduce a mobile phone number to which will be tied e-wallet;
  • enter the code from SMS.

2 step. In bezkomisiynih terminals mounted in the housing of the CRPD:

  • select the "electronic money";
  • "MoneXy";
  • enter the number of the mobile phone to which opened the e-wallet, and make the necessary amount.

3 step. Pay for services for accommodation in a hostel, and in the future - and for the provision of Internet services, training, and other:

  • go to the website in section "student";
  • deliver of data on payment of the hostel (in the future, they are stored)
  • click the "Pay" and proof of payment.
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