Specialists of the  department  of labor protection, industrial and civil safety together with Labor Safety  of NTUU"KPI" start this year rubric "Formula of Safety," which will be offered to readers of the newspaper "Kyiv Polytechnic" series of articles devoted to the protection of labor, the creation of a safe working environment and training, security in everyday life, respect for the basic requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On Labour Protection" managers and employees of departments of the University.

Despite the rapid development of science and technology in various fields, the main driving force was and still is the man who created these wonders, and at the same time remains very vulnerable to a variety of risks in everyday life.

The main objective of publications on safe life is to focus staff and students of our university on the existing potential risks, to give advice on how to avoid mistakes.

On the pages of "KP", we provide the opportunity to speak to  skilled university experts on occupational safety and health. We have also attracted students to work with rubric materials.

A.Pyatova and E.Lutsik, who are leading the column, are grateful staff of the newspaper "Kyiv Polytechnic" for the opportunity to publish articles dealing with such an important issue as life safety.

For most  Kiev inhabitants Metro is  one of the fastest and most convenient means of transport to get around the city. Approximately 1.4 million people use Metro everyday. Kiev metro lines connect the most important areas of the city, enabling fast and relatively cheap to get to work or school and home. Whose experience can help Kiev in solving the current problems? What opportunities are there to improve the quality of service and, most importantly, the safety of passengers?

Firstly, it is necessary to know the opinion of the regular subway users. Kiev inhabitants generally satisfied with the quality of services provided by Metro. But many also have their own comments. Here are some of them:

  • extend the operational time of the underground or make it around the clock;
  • open more subway stations on the left bank of the Dnieper, as residents of areas such as Desnyansky inconvenient to get to the city center;
  • launch new, safer cars with low noise;
  • more roomy cars, cars with more ventilation, etc ..

In the European Union, and even the Russian stations were taken additional security measures for passengers. German subway trains, for example, opened its doors only when you press a special button next to them. This allows passengers to avoid clamping by the door.

At all stations of the Paris Metro, there are partitions with sliding doors, also equipped with levers for opening, that separates the waiting room from the train tracks and do not allow passengers to fall back on track. This has helped reduce the number of accidents in the metro.

The sad experience of neighboring Belarus, where the central station of the Minsk subway was undermined by the explosives, should be a lesson for Ukrainian security agencies. In the  Syretsko-Pecherska line there is a need  to strengthen the soil, to equip new cars registration system of motion parameters, to reconstruct a radio communication system between the stations and set surveillance cameras.

The noise level in the Kiev subway trains is  high. Wheels of European cars are specially made low-noise, cars themselves aresoundproofed so inside  you can whispering and listening  music. Also, German an d French cars move without shaking, it would be very useful for Kiev.

About 40% of public transport passengers use everyday Kyiv subway. It reduces significantly the workload of land transport, especially in the "peak" hours. Large numbers of people gather on the metro platforms during peak hours. Most of all, people are going to the edges of the platform and its middle. Therefore, in addition to audio ads with a request as soon as possible to enter the cars, you need to add a request uniformly occupy the platform.

In addition, we must not forget about the rules of behavior in the subway.

They are the same as in land transport, but there are a few specific rules concerning only this kind of transport:

  • quietly and carefully enter the escalator, try not to push the people in front and do not make unnecessary movements in the direction of others;
  • If  there is  an elderly person close to you, it is necessary to help him (her) at the entrance to the escalator or in the car (and when leaving it);
  • Do not run by the escalator;
  • Do not throw trash, coins or other small items while on an escalator or in the lobby of the metro, and to make sure that this did not make children;
  • Do not press against the railing of the escalator and to the door of the car trains;
  • on the escalator should stand on the right side;
  • entering the lobby metro and exiting it, hold  a little the door.

By following these simple rules, you will ensure your safety as well as others.

Thus, the Kiev Metro as one of the most popular means of transport must be improved significantly for the convenience and safety of passengers.

 V.Belyaeva, Labor Safety Department NTUU"KPI", I.Vorotyagin, FE, c. GP-92 "

On materials: www.metro.kiev.ua, wikipedia.org, kiev.vgorode.ua