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Ukraine and Kyiv


Адміністративна мапа України

Ukraine is a country of East-Central Europe. It occupies the south-west of the East-European plain, partially the Carpathians, and the Crimean Mountains. Ukraine extends for 893 kilometers from north to south, and for 1316 km from west to east. Ukraine is located in the temperate latitudes, and it has access to the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

You are invited and waited by ancient Kiev - the capital of Ukraine.

Україна. Київ. Софіївська площа, Дзвіниця Михайлівського монастиря

Kiev. This short sonorous word is a name of the city, whose roots go deeply in the ancient time. Its history totals more than 1500 years. This is one of the oldest Slavic cities, the capital of the early feudal state Kiev Rus', the city known in the history as "mother of the cities of Russians".

Museum of Hutsul Magic

Музей гуцульської магії

Recently, Ukrainian museums have begun to wake up from chronic nap, learn the experience of European professionals and open new exhibitions for visitors’fun.

To see the green ray: Kinburn Spit

Кінбурнська коса (Миколаївська область)

The green ray is a rare natural phenomenon that happens at sunset. In quiet, clear weather at sea, sometimes you can see, as at the moment when the sun is hiding behind the horizon, a green ray lights up in the sky. One of these places is the Kinburn Spit (Mykolaiv region).

Goggle - eyed alien is a hydrological nature monument "Okona's sources"

гідрологічна пам'ятка природи "Оконські джерела"

     Today's science fiction is not to be envied. When it came up with about space and the underworld. Now, thanks to advances in science and technology, you can look in all corners of the planet. And the animation has expanded the possibilities for dreamers.

Miracles in life and fairy tales

Юрій Клованич

They say miracles happen only in fairy tales. But life sometimes throws up such scenes that can be more fantastic than fairy tales. Once in Zakarpattya Region ...

Vilkovo is the city on the water

Вилкове – місто на воді

Which city smells like strawberries in the spring and in the autumn like quince is a questions for crossword lovers! Where in April all gourmets emerge to enjoy freshly caught herring? Which way drivers drive, overcoming 200 kilometers in 5 hours? Where citizens instead bicycle moving by a boat?

The Memorial "To Heroes of Chornobyl" on Troieshchyna

Київ. Ротонда Пантеон пам'яті

One of the largest residential areas Kyiv is Vyhurivshchyna-Troieshchyna (in everyday communication of Kyiv residents it is simply Troyeshchyna) with the area of ​​three and a half thousand hectares and nearly half a million people.

Students KPI at the Museum "Chernobyl"

Київ. Скульптурна композиція біля "Національного музею "Чорнобиль"

Tornado of Chernobyl tragedy crippled the fates, took health, left the pain and emptiness. People selflessly fought with the consequences of the disaster. The National Museum "Chernobyl" exhibition says about this tragic event. It is located in the premises of the Podolsky fire station of Kiev.

Foreign students are acquainting with the traditions of Pancake week

2015.02.16-22 Студенти-іноземці знайомляться з традиціями Масляної

Pancake week festival annually held in Ukraine at different times. It depends on the date of the beginning of Lent, preceding the blessed holiday of Christ's Resurrection.



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