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Meeting with Prof. Tetsuya Ishikawa

2013.01.23 Зустріч з професором Тетсуя Ішикава

On January 23, 2013 prof. Tetsuya Ishikawa (Japan), Director of “SPring-8", the accelerator complex which is a source of synchrotron radiation of the third generation with the world's highest energy of 8 GeV, visited NTUU “KPI”. He was accompanied by Mr.

Joint Conference "Siemens Ukraine" and FEPEA

2013.01.10 Спільна конференція фірми «Сіменс Україна» і ФЕА

A joint conference "Siemens Ukraine" and the Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automation was held in NTUU”KPI” at January 10.

Electronic payment for students in NTUU”KPI”

2012.12.26 В КПІ почала працювати система «Електронний платіж для студентів»

Student of the dormitory #7 will be the first ones  to feel the advantage of the "Electronic payment for students" . They were able to pay for services for accommodation in electronic form. Their hostel is connected to the system from  December 26, 2012.

The final stage of the All-Ukrainian festival of innovative projects: the third day

2012.12.13 Фінальний етап Всеукраїнського фестивалю інноваційних проектів

December 13 in NTUU "KPI" there were held the events, envisaged by the program of the third, the last day of the finals of the All-Ukrainian Festival of innovative projects.

Ukrainian Festival of Innovative Projects “Sikorsky Challenge”

2012.12.12 Всеукраїнський фестиваль інноваційних проектів

On December 11-13, 2012 the final stage of the first Ukrainian Festival of Innovative Projects “Sikorsky Challenge” took place at NTUU “KPI”. The Festival is named after famous aircraft designer Igor Sikorsky.

Among the Festival’s organizers there were National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, Science park “Kyivska Polytechnika”, Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU), Independent Association of the Banks of Ukraine (IABU). The Festival was held under the patronage of the Leonid Kuchma’s Presidential Foundation “Ukraine” in collaboration with the Embassy of the USA in Ukraine, European Commission, innovative companies and funds of Ukraine, European Union and the United States. The international jury consisted of experts from Ukraine, USA, France, Brazil and Japan.

Delegation of the Center for Research and Strategy Development of Japan

2012.12.11 Візит делегації Центру науково-дослідних стратегій Японії

On December 11, 2012, the delegation of the Center for Research and Strategy Development of Japan consisting of its Professor Yukihide Hayashi, Professor of Hokkaido University Yasuhiro Yukimatsu and the second secretary of the economical department of the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine Mr.

Delegation of “Tokyo Boeki Technology Ltd.” in NTUU “KPI” Opening of Centre “Ukrainian-Japanese Rapid Microscopy Teaching and Research Laboratory”

2012.12.06 Відкриття спільної Українсько-Японської навчально-наукової лабораторії експрес-мікроскопії

On December 6, 2012 a delegation of "Tokyo Boeki Technology Ltd." (Japan) headed by its president Mr. Kazuei Uchida and Mr. Oleksiy Shpak, managing director of company’s office in Ukraine, visited NTUU "KPI".

The opening of the science lab-flight

2012.12.06 The opening of the science lab - flight

The 6th of December, at the day of Armed Forces of Ukraine and on the eve of International day of civilian aviation, took place a sonorous ceremony of opening the science lab-flight IAK-40.



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