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Lyulka A.

Lyul'ka Arkhip Mikhailovich

Фото. Люлька Архип Михайлович. Фото - 1927 р.

Arkhip Mikhailovich Lyul'ka (23.03.1908, Savarka, Bohuslav district, Kyiv region — 01.06.1984, Moscow) – a Soviet scientist and designer of jet engines of Ukrainian origin. Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences (since 1960), Hero of Socialist Labor (1957), winner of the Lenin Award (1976), winner of the State Stalin Prize (1948, 1951). Graduated from KPI in 1931.

A.M. Lyulka Monument

Кампус КПІ. Пам'ятник Люльці Архипу Михайловичу

A. M. Lyulka Monument is installed behind the main building of KPI in the alley of outstanding scientists.

Opening monuments to famous designers

2011.10.13 Відкрито пам’ятники трьом видатним конструкторам, які навчалися в Київському політехнічному інституті

October 13, the alley of prominent designers and scientists who have studied or worked in the KPI, was supplemented by three monuments.

Lyulka Arkhyp Mikhajlovych: a teacher and a student, two academicians in one person…In honor of the 100th anniversary since his birthday

Люлька Архип Михайлович

If the revolution in 1917 did not burst out, Lyulka Arkhyp would not have become the person he had been: a famous designer of plane engines, an academician, one of the first to initiate the theory of air-jet engines, a laureate of State USSR prizes, the hero of Social State Work, a holder of


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