A. M. Lyulka Monument is installed behind the main building of KPI in the alley of outstanding scientists.

Arhyp Myhailovych Lyulka (1908-1984). Graduate of KPI 1931. Outstanding engineer of turbojet engines, the Hero of Socialist Party (1957), Professor of MAI (1958), award winner of the Lenin Prize (1976) and State Prize(1948, 1951) of USSR, member of the Academy of Science of USSR (1968), where he headed the committee of gas turbines since 1969 until the last days of his life.

A.M.Lyulka initiated the creation of turbojet engines in Soviet Union. In 1945 he headed the design bureau in Moscow. Since 1946 he has become the chief designer of aircraft engines, and later - chief designer of aircraft engineering. He made proposals on the use of new energy materials. He drafted a number of turbo-jet and aircraft engines, such as "TED" (1937), "RE-1" (1940), "TS-1" (1946), "TS-2", "TS-3" (1947 ) "AL-5" (1951), "AL-F 7" (1953). Aircraft with AL engines made more than 50 world records.