Arkhip Mikhailovich Lyul'ka (23.03.1908, Savarka, Bohuslav district, Kyiv region — 01.06.1984, Moscow) – a Soviet scientist and designer of jet engines of Ukrainian origin. Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences (since 1960), Hero of Socialist Labor (1957), winner of the Lenin Award (1976), winner of the State Stalin Prize (1948, 1951). Graduated from KPI in 1931.

А.М. Lyulka was the first to initiate designing jet engines in the USSR. With a team he worked on the project of a turbojet engine and succeeded in creating it. In 1941 Lyulka was the first worldwide to introduce the turbofan scheme, which became the basis of all modern turbojet engines.

In 1947 the first soviet turbojet planes were equipped with turbojet engines, developed by Lyulka’s OKB. The USSR became the third country in the world (after England and Germany) to create their own turbojet engines. Under his supervision, Lyulka’s OKB developed dozens of types of turbojet engines, marked ‘AL’. Planes, equipped with AL engines set more than 50 world records. The modified model of the Saturn AL-31, the development of which began in 1973, still remains the best engine for highly maneuvering fighter aircrafts.

Архип ЛюлькаАрхип Люлька
Архип Люлька