The action of "KPI-Green"

Student council of campus together with the management of NTUU "KPI" started an action among the universities "KPI-Green", which purpose - to collect secondary waste. KPI Students can take waste paper, batteries, covers of plastic bottles and get it presents. Students living in the hostels, in the period from 17 March to 10 April for every 10 kg of waste paper could be exempted from paying by work during one month. On the territory of NTUU "KPI" created 5 points collecting secondary waste. On the official page of "Eco-action" KPI-Green" is an interactive map of the location of these points, so every student can find a convenient collection point.

The environmental situation not only in Ukraine but all over the world, due to longstanding neglect basic rules of conservation of natural resources are not unlimited. Today, the world has spent about a third of non-renewable resources, and this figure continues to grow. Therefore, it is important to economical use of resources and engage in recycling of used materials. Environmentalists argue that garbage should not only properly disposed, but remodel. Of course, processing of secondary waste should be organized at the national level, but should begin to create local points of collection of recyclable materials.

Alexey Levkov and Alexandra Mellnuk, students of VPI