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Round table "Ecology of People - Families - Countries"

2018.11.22 Round table "Ecology of People - Families - Countries"

On November 22 a round table "Human Ecology - Family-Country" was held in Igor Sikorsky KPI which was organized by the Public Organization "Council for Environmental Safety", Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and the World Data Center "Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development".

Preserving the purity of our rivers is a priority task of environmental scientists

Prof. B.Yu.Kornilovich with master students A. Bondareva and O. Khurazhenko in the laboratory

One of the most painful problems facing humankind today is an important component of the sustainable development of society – the protection of the environment.

V International conference “Pure water. Fundamental, applied and industrial aspects”

2017.10.26-27 V Міжнародна конференція «Чиста вода. Фундаментальні, прикладні та промислові аспекти»

The KPI hosts the V International Scientific and Practical Conference “Pure Water. Fundamental, Applied and Industrial Aspects”.

Students conference on environmental issues on FL

2016.11.16 Екологічні питання та сучасні шляхи їх вирішення в Україні та світі

At the 16 of November, 2016 in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute the Student Scientific Conference  on the theme "Environmental issues and modern ways to address them in Ukraine and the world" was held, organized by the Department of English technical direction №1.

The action of "KPI-Green"

Акція "KPI-Green"

Student council of campus together with the management of NTUU "KPI" started an action among the universities "KPI-Green", which purpose - to collect secondary waste. KPI Students can take waste paper, batteries, covers of plastic bottles and get it presents.

Women make the planet cleaner

Колектив КПІ. В.С. Жукова та Л.А. Саблій

The department of environmental biotechnology and bioenergy Faculty of Biotechnology and Biotechnic (Head - prof. E.V.Kuzminsky) is one of the youngest in the NTUU "KPI".

A look at China of KPI power engineer

М. Абдулін досліджує випалювальну піч

This article is a slight generalization after three years of trips to China specialists KPI of burning fuel in the fire engineering power plants, metallurgy and others.

Environmental Information Technology

2014.11.4-7 міжнародна виставка "Екологія підприємства"

November 4-7, 2014, the second specialized international exhibition "Ecology of Enterprise" was held at the International Exhibition Centre.

For environmental safety

2011. Таланти КПІ. Дорохов Дмитро. Дорога до зими - ФАКС, ВЛ-73, 4 курс.  ІІІ місце у номінації "Комп'ютерна графіка"

Administration of "KPI" has approved plan-schedule of the environmental control (supervision) structural units on compliance with environmental legislation and environmental security in 2014. This document provides sufficient checks monthly university department.

Environmental control in the KPI

2009. Таланти КПІ. Бювет

In accordance with the requirements of environmental protection legislation of Ukraine to ensure the rational use and reproduction of natural resources, as well as compliance with the rules and regulations of environmental safety since February of this year at the National Technical Universit



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