Колосов О.Є.

Congratulations on honorific titles confer

By the decree of President of Ukraine №10/2017 dated January, 21, 2017 on “State awards on the occasion of the Day of National Unity of Ukraine” the following honorific titles are conferred to fellow workers Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

International recognition of the IHF inventor Alexander Evgenievich Kolosov

Recognition of the achievements of our university at international level was awarding medal of "For the invention" World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) honored the inventor of "KPI" patent attorney Ukraine PhD and professor of chemical, polymer and silica engineering and chemistry engineering department Alexander Evgenievich Kolosov

Patent trolls - who are they?

It is well known that the performance of the research, development, design and technology, dissertation, search operations are often accompanied by the development of new designs, technologies, recipes, new ideas, and that in the future may be implemented (commercialized) in certain products or s