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Department of Environmental Biotechnology and Вioenergy (KEB), FBT

The Department was founded in 2004 as a new educational, research and development department of university, for identification and creation new branches in modern biotechnology – environmental biotechnology, and power engineering – bioenergy.

Production Ecobiotechnologies tour to biogas station in Rokytne

2016.11.21 Виробнича екскурсія екобіотехнологів на біогазову станцію в Рокитному

As the proverb says, "better to see once than hear a hundred times." It is not repeating 100 times the same, lecturer and bioenergy ecobiotechnology students initiated a tour by one of the largest biogas systems Ukraine, located in the village of Rokytne.

The Prize of Parliament of Ukraine for young scientists from FBT

2016.02.10 Нагороду отримує Катерина Щурська

The prize of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine was created for the most talented young scientists in the field of basic and applied research, scientific and technological development established in 2008.

Department of Ecological Biotechnology and Bioenergetics: inseparability of teaching and research.

Колектив КПІ, ФБТ. Перший випуск магістрів, 2010 р.

Department of Ecological Biotechnology and Bioenergetics FBT was established in 2004 on the initiative of the Rector of "KPI" Academician M. Zgurovsky.

The Department of environmental biotechnology and bioenergy – the first step

Кафедра екобіотехнології та біоенергетики

The department the environmental biotechnology and bioenergy (DEB) was established in 2004. According to the Regulations of the DEB, it provides training of bachelors and masters in the field "Environmental biotechnology" as well as highly qualified specialists.

Technology of life

Бортницька станція аерації /

Recently in the media was proclaimed about biological treatment of water as scientific and technical achievements of the last 150 years, which brought the greatest benefit to people.

Bioenergy - the choice of the future

Біоенергетика – вибір майбутнього

Today, it seems everybody understands the importance of preserving the environment, but at the beginning of the third millennium the relationship between man and nature are partly viewed as a confrontation between two hostile worlds - "the natural world" and "the world of man."


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