As the proverb says, "better to see once than hear a hundred times." It is not repeating 100 times the same, lecturer and bioenergy ecobiotechnology students initiated a tour by one of the largest biogas systems Ukraine, located in the village of Rokytne.

So, at november 21, 2016 students attended Ecobiotechnologies Rokytnianskyi sugar factory, in which placed four biogas plants.

Students and teachers learned about the production structures and components of a biogas plant, a laboratory, which carried out the necessary tests and the technology of power generation from biogas.

Designed and built during the years 2014-2015 biogas station "turnkey" company "Sorge Biogas Ukraine". Participation in the financing of the construction took European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. The total amount of funds invested by investors amounted to 280 million USD. The expected payback period - 6 years.

Biogas plant processes sugar beet pulp, manure from animal farms, poultry manure, silage corn and more. The station has 4 reactors by 3600 m3. Synthesized biogas generators through the 2nd Jenbaher, which produce electricity. The total capacity of 2.39 MW station. The electricity produced by the station, sold in a national network for "green" tariff.

Biogas plant provides not only the production of electricity and heat, but also solve the important problem of environmental safety for food companies that produce large quantities of organic waste.

Tour aroused great interest among students. This was followed by numerous questions that factory representatives gave detailed answers.

Received during the tour about biogas production from organic waste is an important part of training future professionals.

Catherine Schurska, Ph.D.,

Assoc. Department ecobiotechnology and bioenergy

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