Bioenergy is the way of solving problems with waste

The department of eco-biotechnology and bioenergy of the Faculty of Biotechnology and Bioenergetics is working on scientific developments and improvements of technology of conversion of waste into energy carriers. Within the curriculum, students are in particular doing researches considering the processes of biogas production. At the end of November, lecturers and students visited the biogas complex built by “Ecodevelop” company in the village of Bziv (Kyiv region).

The biogas complex is working on waste of whey and cattle. In meth tank, waste ferments in mesophilic routine, and a produced biogas gathers in a gas holder. Thence the gas is pumped under pressure into the cogeneration unit, where electric energy is produced, which is sold to the grid at a “green” rate by the company. The fermented sediment from meth tank is divided into liquid and dry fractions in the separator, which are further used as a dry and liquid fertilizer in the fields.

The biogas complex, which is situated in Bziv, is an example of rational waste treatment, as this waste becomes a whey for getting several useful products at the same time, such as biogas and fertilizers. In this manner, waste does not accrue and does not pollute the environment, but gets “the second life” and is useful for society.

During the excursion, students got acquainted with technological stages of the biogas complex, saw the principles of automation production, asked a lot of questions concerning the principles of equipment operation and features of biotechnological processes, occurring in bioreactor.

Students and employees of the department of eco-biotechnology and bioenergy are grateful to “Ecodevelop” for the interesting and cognitive excursion!

D. Koltysheva, FBB, the department of eco-biotechnology and bioenergy