Recently, all professor’s colleagues, friends, students and relatives congratulated him on a venerable jubilee. He is a legendary person and a well-known specialist in the sphere of automatic control systems for the Kiev Polytechnic and the Ukrainian science in general. He has Doctor of Sciences degree (1968), professor (1971), he is honored figure of Science and Technology of Ukraine (1998), honored professor of the KPI, he is the founder (1991) and head (until 2003) of Mathematical Modelling of Economic Systems Department. He has made a valuable contribution into development of general decision making theory and controlled random processes theory.

        Victor Ivanovich was born on May 20, 1928 in Kyiv. He went to school in 1935 and he finished sixth form in spring of 1941. While the occupation of Ukraine by Germany he  worked as an apprentice in the garage of the regional consumer society.  He continued his studying after the liberation of Kyiv in December 1943. He graduated from school in 1946. He came under the influence of his friends and classmates and made a decision to enter the KPI, the Faculty of Electrical Engineering under "Automation and Telemechanics" major. It was a new major at that time. He graduated from KPI and received a degree certificate with distinction in 1951. He became interested in scientific activities interested while working as an automation engineer at a cement plant near Moscow, where he was appointed by the state division.

        He was enlisted in postgraduate studies to Electrical Engineering Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Kyiv in November 1952. He has got an academic degree of technical sciences candidate and he began to work at the Cybernetics Institute at the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in 1956. He also founded a research department on the theory and systems of automatic control and was its head from 1959 till 1994. He participated in different automatic control systems developments of industrial technological processes. He is the author and co-author of several industrial inventions.

       The experience he gathered while automatic control systems development with distributed process parameters helped him to enable the development of methodological and mathematical various method foundations of the and to create the method of monotone operators in the theory of infinite-dimensional phase space in dynamical systems. He laid the foundation for mathematical apparatus for studying a random phenomena in a broad sense. Particularly, socio-economic and other developing systems belongs to such statistically unstable systems.

           An important event for his scientific studies became an internship at the Northwestern University of the United States in 1962-1963. Unfortunately, Victor Ivanovich payed a heavy price for it, he was forbidden to go abroad beyond the USSR during the next 27 years, until 1990, he was also forbidden to participate in scientific international conferences where he had his reports. He worked as a professor at the Higher School (Paris), it was one of the most prestigious universities in France. He made more than 50 reports in USSR, Ukraine, Russia, the USA, Canada, France, Poland, Australia, Czechoslovakia, Greece while international conferences and congresses at the Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC) and the Federation of Information Processing (IFIP).

       V.I. Ivanenko has read the course of lectures on the theory of automatic control for his students of the electrotechnical faculty evening department in KPI in the autumn semester of 1956, it was his first lecture. Since that time, while his work in the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine he has given lectures at KPI, and he has also given lectures on theory and decision-making systems and management systems at National Aviation University since 1994.

        A scientific seminar plays the most significant role in the professor’s scientific work, it was attended by colleagues, students and postgraduates. Over the years, the workshop has changed its name, but its subject has always been the theory and decision-making and decoration systems since 1960. Students, postgraduates, and doctoral students can tell about their investigations and researches here, these investigations might become the basis for Ph.D. and doctoral dissertations. V.I. Ivanenko was the scientific leader of 36 PhD works and scientific adviser of 11 doctoral dissertations.

       Viktor Ivanovich is always attentive and friendly to others, is an example of hardworking and optimistic person. He has a creative longevity thanks to a clear daily schedule, mandatory daily exercises, sports, rational nutrition, mutual understanding and mutual respect in his family. In his day, Victor Ivanovich has received the first degree in gymnastics, and his wife, Lyidmila Pavlivna has received the first category in rhythmic gymnastics. When they got married, they both were engaged in mountaineering, and they have been skiing until now.

        We sincerely congratulate Viktor Ivanovich on his anniversary! We wish you peace, harmony, welfare, good health and inspiration for the realization of all conceived.

The staff of the MMES department