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Horizon 2020

National contact point at the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

National Contact Points (NCP) these are highly professional support services working at the national level. This is an important component of the program Horizon 2020 The main purpose of the NPC is the spreading an information, providing experts’ advices, easy access to the Horizon 2020 program to all potential applicants.

Information day of “Horizon 2020” program

2018.05.29 Інформаційний день Програми «Горизонт 2020»

Its organizers were National Contact Points at the Igor Sikorsky KPI on the thematic areas “Information and communication technologies” and “Climate and resource efficiency, including raw materials”, National contact point of the Horizon 2020 program in the direction of “European Research Counci

Information Day "HORIZON 2020"

Інформаційний день «ГОРИЗОНТ 2020»

Events on the program of the Information Day "HORIZON 2020" were held in the Hall of Meetings of the Academic Council of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic University on December, 12.

The window of opportunity for Ukrainian scientists

Горизонт 2020

On the pros and cons of the decision-Ukraine Association Agreement with the European Union over the past two years, which had not only read and hear.

«HORIZON 2020»: how to achieve success

2016.10.20 Інформаційний день «ГОРИЗОНТ 2020»

In October, 20 there was Information Day “HORIZON 2020” regarding “Writing of project proposals: secret of victory” in NTUU “Igor Sikorsky KPI”.

Final conference of the project «UKRAINE»

2016.09.21 Заключна конференція за проектом «UKRAINE»

On 21st September in NTUU "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Politechnic Institute”, the conference of “Ukraine Distribution in technology, knowledge and innovation based on the use of EGNSS system” took place. It was the final conference of the project “UKRAINE”. There was summed up the work of consortium under the project that have been started in January 2015. Consortium was consisted of nine organizations from six European countries.

European navigational technologies in Ukraine

2016.06.30  семінар "Перспективи використання системи EGNОS у різних галузях промисловості України"

A seminar “The prospects of using the system EGNOS in different branches of industries” organized within the framework of the project “UKRAINE” which is financed by Framework Programme for Research and Innovation “Horizon 2020” created by the European Union took place in our university on June 3

Informtion Day “Topical issues of participation of Ukrainian scientists in the program Horizon 2020”

2016.06.23 Інформаційний день «Актуальні питання участі українських вчених у програмі Горизонт 2020»

On 23 June there was a regular Information Day HORIZON 2020 that took place in Great physics lecture hall in NTUU “KPI”

The working programme 2016-2017 in the direction of "Information and communication technology": the purpose and prospects

2015.10.13 затверджено Робочу програму на 2016–2017 роки за програмою "Горизонт 2020"

The main objective of the programme Horizon 2020 is to promote sustainable economic development of the countries of the European Union and associated countries by supporting research and innovation in key areas of development of economy and society.

Informational Day within the EU Program “Horizon-2020” on Climate Action, Environment, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials (CERM)

2015.11.23 Інформаційний день у рамках Програми ЄС «ГОРИЗОНТ 2020» за напрямом «КЕВР»

On November, 23rd the second Informational Day within the EU Program “Horizon-2020” took place in NTUU “KPI”



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