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The meeting, which determined the destiny. Memoirs of Alexander Fedorenko about Choir

1973. Хорова капела

The singer Alexander Fedorenko graduated from Kiev Conservatory with specialization in "the soloist of the operetta" in 1985. He played main roles in performances of the Kiev, Sverdlovsk Theater of musical comedy of Rostov-on-Don, the Sumy drama theater and the musical comedy. And he way to high art began in a national choral chapel of KPI. How tells O. Fedorenko.

"I studied as the turner in technical college of the Kiev factory "Bolshevik in 1973", located on Metallistov Street. With acquainted students of radio engineering faculty of KPI created vocal-instrumental ensemble in the 12th hostel. We played and sang at a dance in hostels of KPI.

In September, together with friends I was a guest at one student of RTF who was called Galya. We listened to music when sister Ghali with friends - students of KPI came as it happens, participants of a choral chapel. They had a guitar, they started singing songs, I began to sing along, then took a guitar, sang some songs. And when darkeness fell, together with children I went to KPI studgorodok because all of them lived in hostels. At parting became between the 12th and 13th hostels and still sang. And when began to disperse, children told me: "Come to us, to a choral chapel of KPI! We need such voices". Also told that the choral room is out in the first case on the third floor.

Then I actively involved with played sports, played basketball and behind daily work-out that forgot about a chapel. But in a week, passing in the evening by the first KPI case, I heard singing, I remembered a chapel, I decided to come. Very good impression was made on me by kapellist - cheerful, relaxed and at the same time very cultural both in behavior, and in language.

While climbed by the third floor, I began a break. There I was met by new acquaintances, took to the leader - to Lidiya Aleksandrovny Padalko. She told something to sing, examined quickly both hearing, and range of voice, asked, I would go to rehearsals - and now I already sitted with notes among new friends.

I remembered the debut in a chapel which took place in Ukraine Palace of culture on celebration of the 75th anniversary of education in KPI. A big scene and spotlight, overcrowded hall, the smiling audience, an applause, who saw – don’t ever forget and who didn't see hardly be able to imagine. Still I remember how after a concert the chapel from "Ukraine" walked in KPI. We went and sang.

I liked the atmosphere prevailing in a chapel - creative, friendly. As if ideal society in which it would be live. There was a feeling of a fellowship of man  united enjoyment of music.

Together with a chapel I visited on holiday song in the Estonian city of Tartu. In the opening day of a holiday one hundred collectives come along the streets and sang. And huge several thousands of performers was massed chorus on the Singing field sounded powerfully and generously, as if one hundred organ. No tool, any achievements of equipment give anything even similar to this sound.

Holiday of a song was in the summer. And in the autumn I was mobilized in army. I served in the Odessa military district. After performance in our part of choir the district the foreman from this ensemble and asked  , somebody  is able to sing or dance . I told that sang in KPI chapel, and after a while I was from part sent to sing in chorus of ensemble of the district.

After demobilization I thought about what to do next and how to live, when my basketball coach recommended me to enter Glier Music College. He said, I had a good voice, artistic experience – I had sung in KPI choir and in district song and dance ensemble.

I have tried and entered the Music College. I have studied for two years and then entered the Conservatory on specialization Operetta Soloist, the main requirements where was not only to sing well, but also to speak, to move around the stage, to dance a little…

I have acted all major parts of classical operetta in different theatres in various cities. I try not to stand still, I am going towards new creative work forms. I have created original program “Light of The Love in Destiny Palette” where I play O. Vertynsky love songs and read his poetry not long ago.

Why I addressed to Vertinsky's work? He created own genre so called musical short story. It is the song which has a definite form. It has the beginning, development and the end. There is a synthesis of the word, music, execution. Now sing about love in general - big, but impersonal. Vertinsky's works about love really humanistic with her pleasure, pain, treason. Feelings about which it isn't accepted to speak publicly though are known for everything pain, and disappoint. The perception of these works demands work of the head and heart, its art wakes up feelings and thoughts. To carry out its works in the right way. This is a quite task for the actor. I think my life and my experience allows me to inform to listeners all richness and opulence of his works.

Of course, friends with whom I sang in KPI chapel, don't forget. Unfortunately,  we see seldom each other , mainly on celebrations of anniversaries of a chapel. The pleasant impression was made by a present chapel at an anniversary concert in November of last year.

Sometimes I think: whoever would I become if that far September didn't meet children from a choral chapel of KPI? And I can imagine nothing..".

V. Mykolaenko


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