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The scientists of NTUU “KPI” had a meeting with the managers of PJSC “Kyivvodokanal”

2015.08.27 Науковці НТУУ «КПІ» та КНУБА зустрілися з керівниками ПАТ «АК «Київводоканал»

The meeting between the managers of PJSC “Kyivvodokanal”, the scientists of NTUU “KPI” and KNUBA, who are concerned with the problems of water purification and sewages disinfection as well as active sludge utilization, was held in August, 27 in NTUU “KPI”.

The scientists of KPI have represented their developments in a session in Department of housing and utility infrastructure of KLSA

2015.07.16 нараді в Департаменті житлово-комунальної інфраструктури КМДА

The scientists of NTUU “KPI” have represented their developments in a session in Department of housing and utility infrastructure of Kyiv local state administration.

Monitoring of transportation: innovative solutions

2015.06.12  семінар "Інноваційні рішення компанії "OVINTO" для моніторингу транспортування вантажів"

For doing the international project "UKRAINE" on the 12 of June in the framework of the European Union "Horizon 2020" European monitoring company "OVINTO" under the auspices of the European Agency for global navigation satellite systems (EGNSS Agency) held a "KPI" seminar "Innovative solutions co

To the World Intellectual Property Day 2015

2015.04.24 семінар, приурочений до Всесвітнього дня інтелектуальної власності

April 24, 2015 at our university hosted a seminar dedicated to World Intellectual Property Day. His department had initiated construction of machine tools and machines MMI (the head of prof.

Scientific readings “Flying boats of Dmytro Grygorovych”

2015.04.24 наукові слухання з циклу "Видатні конструктори України"

The 24th of April in the hall of administration board of NTUU “KPI” took place regular scientific auditions on the course “Outstanding Ukrainian constructors”.

The implementation of complex scientific programmes of KPI

Ультразвуковий кавітатор

In the Kiev Polytechnic successfully performs research within the eight integrated research programs. Each of them received significant scientific and technical results, an overview of which is given below.

A good start. The book "Science of NTUU "KPI" 2014 in the mirror of mass media"

Збірка "Наука НТУУ "КПІ" –  2014 в дзеркалі преси"

On the cover of the book "Science of NTUU "KPI" 2014 in the mirror of mass media", which was published at the University press, is a schematic representation of the new nanoelectronic monomolecular carbohydrate diode that implements sustainable p-n junction, and the first Ukrainian student n

Thermal imagers in Ukraine: History and Prospects

Тепловізійне виявлення утрати теплової енергії в житлових багатоповерхових домах

Thermal imager - a device that visualizes the temperature distribution over the surface under investigation. On the display each color corresponds to a specific temperature.



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