System of monitoring and analysis of university departments on Google Scholar settings

Google Scholar is a famous and popular international opened database. The conditions include scientist in the database and create personal cabinet are granted at Google Scholar site. This database is quite convenient for surnames written in Cyrillic alphabet. The base provides a potential opportunity to make comparison of scientists by citation and H-index. Unlike systems such as Scopus or Web of Science, it is opened and free base. Google Scholar downside is that it does not select journals or conference specifically to include works in the database, so it is believed that quality of works is worse than in Scopus or Web of Science. Google Scholar provides with ranking of researchers, belonging to which was identified by the scientist during the creation of his office. For this study scientist, when creating, notes the name of the organization, which he works in, e-mail in the area of ​​this organization and opens the office to the public. Google Scholar evaluates citation and H-index of much larger number of articles rather than Scopus or Web of Science.

Developed by KPI-Telecom system was provided to open access at, it provides following options:

  1. Entering data by scientist with login and password at hand, or by administrator who can enter data of multiple scientists, prepared in the form of CSV;
  2. System parses (is looking through) database of Google Scholar, rewrites appropriate citation and H-index and calculates the number of works which every author has on hand. The estimated amount of works composes the "Presence" parameter in Google Scholar. Viewing is needed to be done because data added by the author is  specified by this and also because the data in the database Google Scholar periodically changes;
  3. You can view the data of departments and institutes / faculties fellow workers, get the total value and display it in a CSV format;
  4. HOU can check degree of performed order No 2-40 dt 23.03.2016; for this program module was developed, it  allows to discover placement of fellow-worker to the official Google Scholar account of National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” by the address:­tions?view_op=view_org&hl=uk&org=5596117057032671997.
    If the fellow-worker office is not included to the base of university, then the list of faculty/institute or department his name is highlighted in red. Thus, entering the office of an employee, you can find out the error (as shown by the analysis, the main mistake is to enter name of university in Cyrillic);
  5. The system allows to create a rating of institutes/faculties and departments by the presence, citation and H-index and display it in the form of histograms, as shown on the picture;
  6. To build a histogram of departments by the faculties/institutes, which will enable HOU’s to assess the contribution to the total parameters of Google Scholar of the suitable subdivisions;
  7. The system has realized search for information about the authors by surname, the name.

The system is implemented by the programming language PHP (parsing and work with the database), JS (sorting table), JS library Google Charts (construction histograms), database.

In providing data in Excel format <name> <name> <abbreviated name of the Faculty> <Department abbreviated name> <citation> <H-index> and <ID of> system can be used for other universities as well. At that record in Excel is stored in CSV format and is loaded into the MySQL database.

M.Y.Ilchenko, academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,
O.P.Tsurin, Associate Professor,
A.P.Prasolov, MA