Cultural heritage sites are various monuments of past eras that are of particular cultural value to present and future generations. This status means that the object is subject to special protection by the state aimed at preserving its authenticity.

Cultural heritage sites are historical monuments of various origins: places and territories; buildings, complexes of buildings and architectural ensembles; parts of buildings, objects, water bodies; natural, anthropogenic and combined formations; cultural phenomena and traditions. Objects can also be classified according to the particular cultural aspect they are of particular value in: archaeological, historical, paleontological, ethnological, aesthetic, architectural, artistic, or scientific.

In order to be considered a cultural heritage site, a monument must be registered in the relevant national database. Ukraine currently has more than one hundred and thirty thousand historical monuments protected by the state. But as of the beginning of 2020, only 10,197, or 7.84%, were listed in the State Register. Of these, 992 are of national importance, and 9,205 are of local importance.

Of course, Kyiv Polytechnic with its 125-year history could not but attract the attention of monument experts. It is included in the State Register of Immovable Monuments of Ukraine of National Importance: "The complex of buildings of the National Polytechnic University "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", dating from the end of the XIX - beginning of the XX century, located at 37-39 Peremohy Ave. is a historical monument with the security number 260038-N" (Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 03.09.2009 №928).

kpi images - Їдальня політехнічного інституту

In the State Register of Immovable Monuments of Ukraine, the following is recorded in the category of local significance: "The dining room of the Polytechnic Institute", dating from 1902-1903, located at 37 Peremohy Ave. is a historical monument with the security number 2600229" (Decision of the Kyiv City Executive Committee of 22.11.82 No. 1804 and the Kyiv City Executive Committee of 18.03.92 No. 240).

The historical monument is the "Memorial sign in honor of the Shuliavska Republic", built in 1986, located at 37 Peremohy Ave. (Order of the Main Department of Cultural Heritage Protection of 25.06.2011 No. 10/38-11).

kpi images - мозаїчне панно Наука

The list of identified cultural heritage sites also includes the mosaic panel "Science", created in 1977, located at 41 Politekhnichna St., building 18 of the Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science and is a monument of monumental art (Order of the Department of Cultural Heritage Protection of the Kyiv City State Administration of 06.04.2021 No. 23).

According to experts, the panel is valuable from an artistic point of view as one of the rare examples of the work of the famous monumentalist artist F. Tetianych, and is a vivid example of the synthesis of arts in the architecture of Ukrainian Soviet modernism. It has preserved its authenticity (material and technical structure). Also authentic are: the location of the panel on the facade of building 18, its overall dimensions and composition, all its elements, material, and author's artistic technique (mosaic set of smalt, concrete relief, minting), and color scheme.

Fedir Tetyanych (1942-2007) was an avant-garde artist, writer, painter, graphic artist, monumentalist, poet, and philosopher, and one of the pioneers of performance art in the USSR. In his paintings, he glorified Ukraine and the Cosmos. The magical word he invented, "Fripulia," was a call to his contemporaries, and in fact, to all of humanity, to unite in creativity, which binds man and the world into a single whole.

Nadiia Libert