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3D-tour of Igor Sikorsky KPI

3D-тур по КПІ ім. Ігоря Сікорського

Those who are considering which place to choose for getting higher education, is getting nostalgic for old students years spent in KPI or looking for places of interests in Kyiv have got a chance to have a 3D-tour of the main building, Polytechnic museum and Scientific and technical library of the university. Besides, all interested people can have a virtual tour of sunlit Walk of Fame and the Square of Knowledge.

Polytechnic fairytale

Кампус КПІ. Головний корпус вночі

A lot of renowned people have left an imprint on the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute during its more than a hundred years’ history. People always want to know more about their predecessors.

Mural on the front of CCA

Мурал на фасаді ЦКМ

In the "KPI" university  a new Mural appeared. Renowned Canadian artist Lee Aaron Hill, who is currently living in New York, known as a capital of street art, decorated the building of the KPI Centre of Culture and Arts with huge mural.

The First Master Class of the Student Space Belka

2016.04.13 Перший майстер-клас студентського простору Belka

On April 13 the first master-class of the student space Belka took place: "Belka with our own hands", in which students made 100 fixtures into LED lamps. In 2 hours a friendly team of 14 people - boys and girls, techies and humanitarians - coped with this task.

The action of "KPI-Green"

Акція "KPI-Green"

Student council of campus together with the management of NTUU "KPI" started an action among the universities "KPI-Green", which purpose - to collect secondary waste. KPI Students can take waste paper, batteries, covers of plastic bottles and get it presents.

SmartCityKPI project and stages of implementation

Кампус КПІ. Головний корпус, Вежа

Recently, in KPI social media spread information about large-scale project campus Student Council (CPC), aimed at improving living conditions on campus KPI. We like its residents, this project, of course, interested and we wanted to know more about its implementation.

Police arrested a young man who stabbed three students of KPI

Поліція затримала молодика, що ножем поранив трьох студентів КПІ

Police officers qualified event as hooliganism. A suspect is in custody. The event occurred about a month ago in Solomyansky region in Kyiv. It was established that about at 01.00 hour three students of "KPI" were returning to the hostel on Borschahivska street.

KPImaps - your reference point on the territory of KPI

КПІmaps  – твій орієнтир на території КПІ

The second semester is in full swing. The first week passed in a meeting with new subjects and teachers. Now you can learn of something that can facilitate student orientation on campus.

The arch has been opened!

2015.12.18 Арку відкрито!

An entry group – architecture construction at the entrance of university campus from Yangelia street leading to Park alley was officially unveiled in NTUU “KPI” on 18th of December

The "Own heating"

Теплостанція компанії WIESS (Данія). Паливо і щепа або пелети

Among the winners of the fourth festival of innovative projects "Sikorsky Challenge 2015" there is also the project of autonomous heating "Own heating" which is waited by students of KPI to be implemented.



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