How did the spring two-month landscaping campaign go? What has been done and what other landscaping works are planned for the 125th anniversary of the KPI foundation? The KP correspondent addressed Vadym Kondratyuk, Vice-Rector for Administrative Work of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, with these questions.

- The two-month landscaping campaign is traditionally held twice a year at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute - in spring and autumn. The main purpose of the annual spring events is to bring the territory to a proper sanitary condition after the autumn-winter period and to ensure its maintenance. This season, we placed special emphasis on preparing for the normal functioning of the material and technical base of the departments, as most institutes and faculties of the university have switched to a mixed form of education. The resumption of full-time classes required a full inspection of the premises, laboratories, equipment, and plumbing. It is clear that the need for such an inspection is due to the fact that after a long absence of employees or students in the premises, and even in low temperatures, certain elements of the building are more or less destroyed. Therefore, a specially created commission carried out a set of surveys and, based on their results, the relevant repair and construction work was carried out.

The traditional area is the cleaning and maintenance of green spaces throughout the university, including around academic buildings, buildings and structures, in public places such as parks, squares and streets. During the current two-month period, we cleaned up the accumulated garbage and carried out a very important and timely work - we wrote off a large amount of inventory equipment. As of today, we have almost completed the removal of bulky waste resulting from the write-off. We also cleaned the basements, which were used as simple shelters and were cluttered.

The Housekeeping Department continued to arrange the newly created park behind the educational building No. 28. In particular, the work on laying sidewalks has been completed, all electric poles have been installed, night lights for the park area have been hung, and garbage bins have been installed. More than 200 saplings of various tree species were planted in the park. KPI alumni and employees of Boeing Ukraine joined the planting and planted 10 seven-year-old sakura trees. Also, the trade union committee of KPI employees ensured the planting of 100 different tree species, including maple, bird cherry, and birch. The cadets of the Institute of Industrial and Environmental Studies planted 17 blue spruces. Of course, all these trees were planted according to maps developed by our architects and landscape designers. We are now moving to the final stage of the park's arrangement: in the near future, we will arrange the central alley of sakura trees and sow lawn grass. To ensure effective care of the green spaces in the park, we have additionally installed 16 water intake points, which will allow for high-quality watering and a beautiful lawn.

- At the end of August, we will celebrate the 125th anniversary of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. What has already been done out of the planned improvement plan and what work will be done before the anniversary?

- We continue to work according to the plan, which provides for a large amount of general construction and repair work on the territory of the university. In particular, we will finish creating a park area, cleaning the facade of buildings No. 1, No. 4 and the Center for Culture and Arts. The works related to the repair of the Large Physical and Large Chemical Auditoriums have been successfully completed, including the replacement of lighting, repair of benches, painting and repair of roofs over these auditoriums. Asphalt pavement repair and road markings are in progress. A pavement will be laid around building No. 1 - it will be paving stones similar to those laid in front of this building.

In addition, two recreation areas with seats and new art objects will be created: behind building No. 1 along the path that leads from the park to the Central Committee of the Arts, and behind building No. 6. Polytechnics will be able to spend their free time and relax there.

It is also planned to restore and launch the pump room complex at KPI, so that people will be able to take drinking water there if necessary or if the central water supply is cut off.

The entrance doors of buildings #1 and #4 will be restored in compliance with the style of the KPI that has been and remains since its foundation.

Facade work is planned for building No. 35, and the fence in front of the building will be overhauled.

kpi images -new trees was planted by KPI alumnies

And in the near future, an alley of linden trees will be planted near the Polytechnic Institute metro station.

I have mentioned only the largest landscaping works for the KPI anniversary. There are many other items that we will certainly try to fulfill.

- Recently, there has been an increase in students' interest in sports. Is it really so? And is our Center for Physical Education and Sports ready to meet the increased student interest in sports?

- Indeed, due to the transfer of students to a mixed form of education, a significant increase in the number of students attending classes and the number of dormitory residents, the number of those who want to play sports has also increased. First of all, swimming, weightlifting, tennis, aerobics, football, and other sports. The growth of students' interest in sports can only be welcomed. Sports can actually distract them from depression, reading negative news, and to some extent help them to abstract from the war and focus on learning and acquiring quality knowledge. Sports activities have now resumed in clubs and university teams in gyms and on open-air sports grounds. The tennis courts are almost fully loaded, and classes are held according to the schedule. We are completing major repairs of the engineering networks at the Polytechnic Sports Center, which was only 30% operational before the transfer to the mixed form of education, and this complex will be able to accommodate everyone who wants to practice various sports.

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