Diligence and responsibility help us

Volodymir Danilenko, a graduate student of the Department of Nuclear Power Plants and Engineering Thermophysics of TEF, was awarded the Igor Kurchatov academic scholarship.

Nominal fellows of TEF 2015

This semester the best fifth course students of thermoelectronic faculty Georgiy Evlahovich and Anastasia Serhovets have been granted with nominal scholarships of Kurchatov I.V. Georgiy and Anastasia enrolled in "Nuclear Energy" at the Department of NPP and ITF.

TPD students at the Conference in USA

Representatives of the Department of nuclear power plants and engineering thermophysics (NPP and ET) of NTUU "KPI" thermal power department took part in one of the most prestigious international conferences on nuclear safety, held on July 30-August 3 in Anaheim (California, USA).