Girls go for energy

This semester, Kurchatov scholarships, which mark the success of the best students of TEF, received two charming graduate students. Here are the stories about them.

Inquisitive, purposeful, responsible

Her future profession and direction of activity seem to have been determined before her birth. Well, who else can you imagine yourself, if your parents are power engineers, and you were born and live in Energodar, a satellite city of the Zaporizhzhya NPP.

Now a fifth-year student, Mariia Kovch long before graduating from school decided to enter Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, because she knew: this is the best HEI of Ukraine, where there is a speciality "Nuclear Energy". So, quite naturally, in 2016 she became a student of Kyiv Polytechnic and received the most important documents for the coming years - a student card and a record book.

Mariia Kovch

Since the first year she has been studying well, and since the second year she has been awarded a scholarship by SE NNEGC Energoatom. She is interested in science. At the  Department of Nuclear Power Plants and Engineering Thermal Physics, she is looking for methods to reduce the vulnerability of physical protection systems related to the human factor and human psychology in general. Presents the results of scientific research at scientific conferences. For the last year it is: XVIII International Scientific and Practical Conference of Young Scientists and Students "Modern Problems of Scientific Support of Energy" with reports on "Implementation of the RUTA strategy in NPP emergency activities" and "Leadership as a strategy to ensure a high level of security culture", as well as the III International Scientific and Multidisciplinary Conference of Students and Young Scientists "Modern Technologies: Improving the Present and Impacting the Future "with a report on" Today's Atomic Energy of Ukraine ". M. Kovch also took part in the educational project "Spring School of NNEGC" Energoatom "-2019", which provided an opportunity to deepen knowledge in the field of nuclear energy and learn more about the features of the future profession. 

The graduate student has a high level of knowledge. Performs tasks quickly and efficiently. She is distinguished by curiosity and interest in learning. Spends time learning foreign languages. Teachers and colleagues characterize her as a purposeful, hard-working, responsible, punctual and ambitious student. Since the first year Mariia Kovch is the head of the group, she always performs public duties clearly and responsibly.

The student's plans for the future are to write and defend a master's thesis, to find and master a job in the profession, to enter graduate school to continue their studies and deepen their knowledge in the field of energy.

Ivan Ostapenko, curator of the group, assistant. of the Department of NPP and ITF

Works in the field of nuclear safety

The energy of the atom, which people are boldly trying to suppress, is used mainly in the defence industry and for nuclear power plants. But no less important is the medical field, designed to save and protect the lives of the same people. Olga Kolodiichuk, a fifth-year student who is currently working on her master's dissertation, devoted her research to the serious topic of the use of ionizing radiation sources for medical purposes, in particular for oncological diseases. 

She went to this work gradually and not in an easy way. Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute she entered in 2016”. She chose the speciality "Biomedical Engineering" at FBMI. The faculty has attracted her with subjects that combine medical knowledge and engineering. And the student's hobbies and preferences did not differ from her peers. But sometimes fate decides for us.

"At my third year, I got a job as a technician in the radiation safety department of the State Scientific and Technical Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, where I still work," says Olga. - Participate and develop draft conclusions of the state examination of nuclear and radiation safety when using sources of ionizing radiation in medicine. Therefore, to perform her bachelor's thesis, she chose the topic "Information system for calculating the biological protection of X-ray diagnostic rooms.” At FBMI I did not meet teachers who would work deeply on this topic, and I really wanted to improve in this area. Therefore, I decided to continue my studies at the Faculty of Thermal Power Engineering, majoring in "Nuclear Energy" (educational program "Physical Protection and Accounting for Nuclear Materials"). I was terribly worried, because I had no idea where I was going, whether I would have enough points to enter, what was waiting for me. At one point it seemed as if i was in a transparent sphere and the whole world around her froze in anticipation - where to move next when the bubble bursts. But i succeed! I entered TEF! A new page has begun in my book of life. “

The new team greeted the girl warmly. But I had to make tons of effort to catch up with classmates in terms of knowledge of nuclear energy and to learn new material. It was difficult, because the teachers used the material that the students had already mastered. "However, later I also began to understand all the terms and concepts, to understand the processes," she shared. She is attracted by creative work: The researcher took part in the VIII and IX International Conferences "Medical Physics - current status, problems, solutions. Modern techs”. In November 2020, she received a certificate of completion of online training from the IAEA on "Introduction to and Overview of IAEA Nuclear Security Series Publications". "To succeed as a modern specialist, I am constantly working to improve my knowledge in the professional sphere," admits O. Kolodiichuk.

O. Kolodiichuk

In the future, she plans to work in the chosen direction - to improve the safety of nuclear energy, in particular in medicine, which, in turn, will preserve the health of patients and improve the quality and efficiency of health care (diagnosis and treatment) in Ukraine.

Curator of the group where the undergraduate studies, assistant of the department of NPP and ITF, I.A. Ostapenko respectfully speaks about his ward: "During her studies, Olga Kolodiichuk proved herself as a responsible and inquisitive student who performs tasks efficiently and on time. At the request of classmates helps them to master incomprehensible material. Colleagues characterize her as a purposeful, proactive and sociable student. “