Wish man to get off the ground and fly like a bird is a dream that for millennia has remained a dream. However, omnipotent genius of man overcomes any obstacle now people for fun or for sport can fly in a balloon, a few hours by plane to overcome thousand kilometers, to fly into space ... and our article devoted not excursion into the history of aviation and entuziastam- heaven lovers  who are studying and working in the CPI, who not just dream to fly, but embody their own knows by their hands.

Student Design Bureau of light aviation and navigation equipment "Abris" was actually created nearly fifteen years ago. We talked to the founder and leader of the same "Abris" senior lecturer instrumentation and control aircraft systems Vadim Borisovich Kolesnichenko about KB work, airplanes and of course flies:

"Unlike large and powerful aircraft, whose development is currently quite inert, light aircraft is growing very rapidly: new classes of aircraft (Delta and plans paragliders), and various competitions.

In SCB "Abris" are aviation enthusiasts - students and teachers of the faculty. Studies Mr. fax you within the course design can work not only in theory but also in practice, so to speak, with his hands. Every year the number of interested worked in BC ranged from a few dozen people to two, but for a long time are only real enthusiasts (they, in fact, kept all Ukrainian light aircraft) who are not afraid of constant and hard work.

Lack of funding leads SCB staff to cooperate with commercial manufacturers of aircraft. Know-how SKB in this exchange is the intellectual property - designed by a team of computer method of calculation of aerodynamics and strength of small aircraft. In particular, in cooperation with well-known Ukrainian company in the world "Eros" and the French designer Philippe Prevost created triple world champion in the class two-seater "Sky Ranger". At the time of implementation of their own development SCB and continuing cooperation with "Eros" in the project to build a super-lightweight at first motoplaneru that weigh less body weight - 60-70 kg.

Vadim B. personally introduced us to the "brainchild" "ABRIS", located in a very spacious room with fax, which has special machines, materials, and where, in fact, students study. This single wooden plane made entirely by hands and we reproducible technology for students 20 years of the last century, and unmanned aerial vehicle "Bird" created for the needs of the Border Service of Ukraine (the first development SCB, which received financial support university). Next straightened wings and ready to take off the pride of designers - "Sky Ranger".

Speaking of flights. Where is the rise in our sky Aviation enthusiasts? It was found that at the Obukhov town (Str.) Is deltodrom Hodosivka where everyone can try their hand and try their Diptera friends. But now there is a threat for A reduction deltodromu ment. The reason is simple - the sale of its territory under land ... and a real Mecca for all Aero fans remain Crimean Koktebel. Ned and his belt is the second name - Planerskoe. Every year in August at this corner of the Crimean peninsula attracts all aero fans to fly, compete and just relax. However, with all the love of heaven, every pilot should remember that a good flight depends not only on the skill of the person (and without this condition, one can not get behind the wheel), but also the weather. Hang gliding is as injuries of life-threatening as climbing, if not more. They say the wind is the wind, the sky is the sky ... and those who still dare to conquer heights, can no longer forget this minute and embracing feeling never necessarily want to fly again and again ...

Maya Zahovayko