☑️ Educational process

On October 16, the first calendar control starts. It will last until October 28.
Last week, Kyiv Polytechnics demonstrated a high level of attendance at face-to-face classes.
Students majoring in Law have successfully passed the USQE. The overall result of Kyiv Polytechnics is higher than the average result of students in Ukraine. According to the results of the exam, four KPI students were among the top 1% of Ukrainian students.
45 KPI students started studying under the National Resistance program.
Acceptance of works for the first round of the All-Ukrainian Student Competition in Artificial Intelligence is over. The best works of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute students will participate in the all-Ukrainian stage of the competition.
The Faculty of Linguistics, together with the ISZZI, is preparing a program to improve the language training of cadets in accordance with NATO standards.
Lectures on academic integrity have begun to be given at the STB. The cycle consists of five lectures. The next one will be held on October 18 at 16:00.
800 people have already applied for the KPI Preparatory Courses. The enrollment will last until November.
Adaptation courses for freshmen have started. 50 students have joined them.

☑️ Research activities

Active preparation for the Sikorsky Challenge competition of innovative startup projects is underway.
Out of 300 applications, 10 student projects and 7 student projects were selected to participate in the Sikorsky Challenge Junior.
Active work is underway to launch an RnD center for the latest prosthetics and rehabilitation technologies. The organizers have finally agreed on the strategy of the institution as a center for innovative technologies.

☑️ International activities

Huawei Ukraine will give KPI the latest equipment to equip the renewable energy laboratory at the FEA.
Kyiv Polytechnic participates in the Polish project "Incubation of Freedoms for Ukraine".

☑️ Campus improvement

The university has set up five indestructibility points in academic buildings and on campus. All of them are ready for use. The arrangement of the points continues.
Starting next week, all KPI shelters will have respiratory protection equipment.
Kyiv Polytechnic is undergoing special fire and industrial safety training from the State Emergency Service.

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