The women are decorating...

Did you pay attention to how many live plants can be seen in the premises of the departments and services of our university?

 Someone (most often, employees of the departments) brings them here, takes care of them - it includes watering, spraying, cutting, transplanting… This person does it to be able to admire some flowers and unusual leaves or to enjoy  exquisite scent.

Remembering how much time women spend to look good, we can assume that they need no less time to decorate the interior with plants.

This tradition of decorating the environment of our lives has existed in our people for a long time. Home floriculture is an integral part of the custom of creating a beauty around you. Women are the keepers of this tradition.

We have art competitions "The talents of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute", competitions in the campus for the best room, the best Christmas decorations and so on. But dozens, if not hundreds of mini-exhibitions of houseplants on the windowsills, are not officially covered by attention. Maybe it is worth the competition too? In the nomination "Best flower", "Best plant", "The most beautiful window sill"... It is easy to organise it: in the first stage, those who would like to participate could send photos to the jury.

I would like to thank all those who grow houseplants and honestly say that without your efforts the world would not be so beautiful.

M. Petrenko, All photos were taken on the 1st building

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А втім, і без конкурсу хочеться подякувати всім тим, хто вирощує кімнатні рослини, і щиро сказати: без вас і ваших зусиль світ не був би таким гарним!

М. Петренко. Усі фото зроблено у 1-му корпусі