Svitlana Tockar's Seventh Sense

Svetlana Tockar, a bright woman, singer with a unique range of voice, head of vocal studio "Seventh Sense", has been working at the Center of Culture and Arts of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institutefor 23 years already.However, her songs are not only listened to at concert venues in Kiev, Ukraine and Europe. Sometimes the  bullets whistling from the front line interrupts in the concerts. Ukraine is at war. And Svitlana fights with her own means, risking her life she goes to the front line to bring the beauty of art, the warmth of her soul, the strength of her support and sympathy to the warriors.

– Svetlana, tell us, please, how did you become a volunteer?

– Sorry, I don't consider myself a volunteer. I'm just a citizen of our country who wants to feel like a human being. It seems to me that the value of a person, especially nowadays, is determined by what you can give others, for instance, a kind word, humanitarian aid, your art, or just a drawing about a peaceful life made by a child's hand. It's our duty. Now I feel needed and really rich. However, what is wealth? For some people it is diamonds, cars, yachts... for me, the most important wealth is the grateful eyes. When I see the faces of the defenders of Ukraine in a small cozy place for a concert on combat positions, in hospitals, in military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Guard of Ukraine, in the unions of veterans of the Russian-Ukrainian war, as well as the faces of mothers, relatives, close people of our defenders, then I am happy. I've been going to the east with concerts since 2017. Until then, the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine had no means as transport or fuel to implement this.

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