MMI: the latest technologies - modern specialists

All of us are from childhood and we have made various designs and operating mechanisms from toy parts. For some people that enthusiasm has grown into a future profession. Konstiantyn Trybrat, a student of the first year of the MMI magistracy, the winner of professional all-Ukrainian student Olympiads, says: "I have been fond of various machines and mechanisms since my childhood, and it was especially striking how simple parts, merging with each other, turn into complicated mechanisms. - How we get the same parts from a piece of metal. At about 14-15 I realized that I want to become an engineer in the field of mechanical engineering. "

The young man was choosing an educational institution very attentively. "I began to show interest in the life of the world-renowned engineers such as Igor Sikorsky, Serhiy Koroliov and others, and found out that they were studying at KPI. Analyzing their achievements, I realized that Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is a place where you can get a good technical education Therefore, after finishing school in 2014, I did not hesitate to submit the documents to Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, I chose the Mechanical Engineering Department at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and I never regretted my choice, "said Konstantyn.

His supervisor an associate professor. V.K.Frolov speaks with pride about him: "During his studies, K. Trybrat showed high achievements, got a bachelor's degree with a diploma, was engaged in active scientific activities, he has one report at the conferences of the international congress and four reports at conferences of the all-Ukrainian level. He is an author of four computer programs implemented in the educational process and used in the implementation of laboratory work on the discipline "Technology of Machine Building." All programs received certificates of Ukraine on copyright. He is a co-author of two patents in Ukraine for utility models. "

The head of the department of technology engineering prof. Yuriy Volodymyrovych Petrakov adds: "Constiantyn presents the department and the institute in a nationwide competition in a great way, he is the winner of the 1st and 2nd stages of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on disciplines "Technology of Mechanical Engineering" and "Programming of Processing on Numerically Controlled Machines ".

And giving more details, on the second stage of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad on discipline "Programming of Processing on Numerically Controlled Machines" the student received a diploma of the 1st degree (2018); at the II stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad "Technology of Mechanical Engineering" - diploma of the 2nd degree (2018); at the II stage of the All-Ukrainian Olympiad "Technology of Mechanical Engineering " – team diploma of the 2nd degree (2018).


When asked what is the key to such important results, Konstiantyn replied: "Some disciplines in our department are taught at a very modern level, in particular, the design of technological processes on CNC machines. It is possible to get theoretical knowledge and practical skills. There is a training center of the world-famous HAAS company at our department, where students can independently test turning and milling machining centers with numerical software control. Not all future engineers and technologists have a possibility to work with such new technologies. "

After graduation the young man plans to work in the field of high-tech engineering in the management of numerical control centers. He has everything to realize his dreams.