FSP students have won in professional competition

The staff of the Faculty of Sociology and Law congratulates the student of the magistracy Maria Kulyasha and the graduate of the bachelor's degree, Yuriy Myronenko, with the victory in the National Anti-corruption Court Competition.

On November 24-25, the II National Anti-Corruption Court Competition, organized by ELSA Ukraine (a national organization in Ukraine that brings together law students and young lawyers; ELSA consists of over 50,000 law students and young lawyers from 300 universities in 43 European countries).

Student lawyers competed in the ability to represent defense and prosecution parties in court cases in the corruption case and the selection of a preventive measure, as well as the parties to the administrative case concerning abuses in the field of public procurement.

On the first day a qualifying round was held in which ten teams from Kyiv, Lviv, Odessa and Kharkiv took part, four of them went to the semi-final. The “Legal benefit” team (this is the name of the FSP team) took the first place and received additional encouragement from the general partner ELSA Ukraine, Arzinger law firm.

On the second day of the competition, in addition to modeling the trial, the participants attended the panel discussion on “Features of the Detection and Investigation of Corruption Offenses” by Thomas Speedy Rice, Professors of the Washington-Leaning School of Law (USA) and Mykhailo Sous, a junior practitioner of Anti-Corruption Compliance and Business Ethics at Arzinger law firm.

Prof. Thomas Rice is a lawyer with more than twenty years of experience in teaching and applying law. He taught at the universities of North America, Europe, the Middle East, and others. He has extensive experience working with law faculties of law, international organizations and lawyers' organizations.

The participants of the competition not only demonstrated their professional training and gained access to public speaking, but also received a lot of interesting and useful information and talked with colleagues from other universities..