On June, 25, Igor Sikorsky KPI and the State Enterprise “Plant 410 CA” and Corporation “Science Park” Kyivska Polytechnica” signed an agreement on strategic partnership.

The document was signed by the representative of the Igor Sikorsky KPI, Rector, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Michael Zgurovskiy, on behalf of SE “Plant 410 CA” the signee was the CEO Victor Gankevych and on behalf of the Science Park “Kyivska Polytechnica” the signee was the Director General Volodymyr Hnat.

The Deputy Vice-Rector for Scientific Research Yuriy Sydorenko, Head of the Department of Plasticity Mechanics of Materials and Resource-Saving Processes of the Mechanical Engineering Institute Vyacheslav Titov, Head of the Department of Technology of Mechanical Engineering Viktor Kvasnytskyi, Head of the Department of Chemical, Polymer and Silicate Engineering of Chemical Engineering Faculty Alexander Gondljah, Professor of the Department of Surface Engineering of the Welding Faculty Igor Smirnov, Deputy CEO of State Enterprise “Plant 410 CA” Andriy Tolpik, Deputy CEO, Technical Director of the enterprise Volodymyr Natalchuk, First Deputy Technical Director, Chief Technologist of the Enterprise Victor Zhuchenko and others took part in in the signing ceremony and discussion of directions and forms of cooperation.
The participants of the agreement have agreed to take part in the implementation of innovative projects and startups in the field of high technologies, the introduction of new high-efficient forms of production organization and the implementation of high-tech competitive products in the domestic and foreign markets, as well as in combining efforts to find investments to perform the specified tasks using opportunities of the innovative ecosystem KPI "Sikorsky Challenge".

Moreover, in order to solve important problems of innovation development and modernization of machine building of Ukraine, the participants of the agreement will create joint creative groups of scientists, designers and technologists.
In addition, the University and Science Park “Kyivska Politechnika” will carry out the development of specific types of products, including import substitution according to the decrees of the company. And the plant, in turn, will provide opportunities for its material and technical basis for experimental research and development.

The training direction of cooperation was written separately: the university organizes the target training of plant specialists, including the model of dual education, and the plant will provide opportunities for students to undertake industrial practice in their structural divisions.

The agreement also provides quite specific topics for further joint work on the development of new technologies and the development of new types of equipment, for example, the manufacture and testing of control copies for the determination of the mechanical characteristics of metallic and non-metallic materials; manufacture and restoration of components of aviation engineering by various methods of welding and others.

After signing the agreement, the participants of the meeting discussed a number of organizational issues for the deployment of cooperation.

For reference: State Enterprise “Plant 410 CA” (civil aviation) is the enterprise of the aviation industry of Ukraine. It is located in Kyiv. It carries out diagnostics, repairs, maintenance, refurbishment and modernization of aircraft and helicopters. In July this year, the company will celebrate its 70th anniversary.

In the photo: representatives of the Igor Sikorsky KPI and State Enterprise “Plant 410 CA” discuss forms and directions of cooperation

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