Polytechnic fellowship – unity of generations

In May, another three-day workshop of the KPI Students' Section in Poland was organized. It was organized by its leader Janusz Fuksoyu, a graduate of the Kyiv Polytechnic in 1959, the Honorary Doctor of the Igor Sikorsky KPI. Today, Polish graduates of the Kyiv Polytechnic are people of different occupations, who carefully guard their memories and traditions, their love for the alma mater that combines so many generations.

That future belongs to the present generation. And it was no accident that the decision was made to invite a student of the MMI, Vitaliy Boyko, who is studying on the program of the double diploma of the Kyiv and Poznan Polytechnic. Students who have received this opportunity, will study simultaneously at two universities and defend their diploma projects in Kyiv and in Poznan. Their diplomas will be recognized in both countries, which is applied to students students of the program, Vitaliy Boyko, Viktor Rubashevskyi, Bogdan Titarenko, Myhailo Yevtushenko and Leonid Yashkin.

Vitaliy told about the modern life of the students of Kyiv Polytechnic, shared his impressions of studying under the double diploma program at the seminar. Numerous questions showed the interest of Polish alumni in alma mater and new opportunities in the development of Ukrainian-Polish relations.

The meeting in the format “Communication of Polytechnics, communication of generations” is the transfer of the legacy of many years of Polish graduates to the Kyiv Polytechnic of Young generation, an example of Polish-Ukrainian cooperation that deepens and finds new forms.

Polish graduates of the KPI wished Vitaliy and his friends who are currently studying at the Poznan University of Technology Dual Diploma Program, perseverance in education and future successes.

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