Conference on the FMF devoted to the 120th anniversary of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

Every spring the conference "Applied geometry, design, intellectual property subjects and innovative activity of students and young scientists" is held at the Department of Descriptive Geometry, Engineering and Computer Graphics of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics. The scientific works of both well-known scientists and novice scientists and students are represented at the conference.

This year conference was special because it was devoted to the 120th anniversary of the foundation of our university. 44 students, 3 postgraduate students, 14 candidates of sciences, 9 doctors of sciences and 14 senior lecturers from different faculties and institutes of our university, as well as representatives of 7 institutions of higher education of Ukraine took part in it. As a result of the conference, a collection of abstracts was published. The spectrum of scientific topics covered by the speakers at the conference was very wide: aviation engineering, space geodesy, fractal geometry, medical equipment, mechanical engineering, chemistry, mathematics, renewable energy sources, agricultural machinery and equipment, teaching methods for courses in written geometry, etc.

The conference was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, Professor V.V. Vanin. The main idea of his greeting was an idea of the future of our country and the role of education in its building.

[The full version of material is in Ukrainian language]