Water is the most valuable gift of nature, which remains less and less

It is already a good tradition to hold an annual chemical show "Discover the World of Chemistry" within the framework of cooperation between the Chemical Technology Faculty of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and Kyiv Small Academy of Science. On March 27, 2018, the large chemical audience hospitably met future entrants, parents and teachers of Kyiv region. This year this event took place within the framework of the All-Ukrainian project "Preservation of fresh water and water purification as components of sustainable development of Ukraine".

М. Іванченко з проектом  Адсорбент для нафти

The dean of the KhTF, doctor of sciences, proffessor I.M. Astrelin, a renowned specialist in the field of development and improvement of natural water preparation and treatment of industrial waste water had a welcoming speech. Ihor Mykhailovych emphasized that one of the most important today's problems of mankind is the deficit of fresh water. Rational use and protection of water resources are the key to solving the "water" problem both in Ukraine and in the world, so experts in this direction who are prepared at the Chemical Technology Department of the Department of Technology of Non-Organic Substances, Water Treatment and General Chemical Technology (THR, B and ZHT) are very important. All people interested in solving current and future problems with water were invited by Ihor Mykhailovych to become students of the KhTF in the future.

Азотне шоу демонструє М. Бондарчук

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