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International alliaunce of chemical engineering has been established

2018.07.21-22 International alliaunce of chemical engineering has been established

Silk Route university association chemical engineering establishment ceremony took place on 21-22 June ,2018 in Sian, People's Republic of China. Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute faculty of chemical engineering became one of its founders.

Water is the most valuable gift of nature, which remains less and less

2018.03.27 хімічне шоу "Відкрий для себе світ хімії"

It is already a good tradition to hold an annual chemical show "Discover the World of Chemistry" within the framework of cooperation between the Chemical Technology Faculty of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and Kyiv Small Academy of Science.

Impressions about the Germanic internship

E.Radchenko at the laboratory in Giessen

Departments of OCh and TOR has quite developed international relations, carries out joint projects with foreign partners and sends students abroad for an exchange.

The educators negotiate

2018.03.22  семінар учителів хімії закладів загальної середньої освіти Голосіївського району м. Києва

March 22, 2018 according to the order of the rector of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute № 1/119, a scientific-practical seminar of teachers of chemistry of institutions of general secondary education of the Holosiyivskyi district of Kyiv was held on the basis of the chemical-technolo

Young chemists’ tournament at the XTF

2018.03.05 Всеукраїнський турнір юних хіміків

The first All-Ukrainian tournament of young chemists was held on March 5 at the Igor Sikorsky KPI within the framework of the plan of work of the National Ecological and Naturalistic Centre of Student Youth of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

School boy from Junior Academy of Science won because of the scientists of the Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Микола Іванченко та його науковий керівник Олексій Миронюк (ліворуч)

The gold medal of the winner in the International competition of scientific and artistic projects of pupils of secondary general schools "Genius was received by the Ukrainian Mykola Ivanchenko " in 2017 in New York, who is a graduate of the Kyiv school № 225.

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Interview with A.A.Fokin, prof.,Doctor of chemistry, the Head of the Department of Organic Chemistry and Technology of Organic Substances

Roald Hoffmann: "Ukraine – a land of contentment of my heart"

Роальд Гоффман

Famous American scientist, Nobel laureate in chemistry Roald Hoffman (birth name – Roald Safran) was born on 18 July 1937 in the city­ Zolochiv in Lviv, then the territory of Poland, into a Jewish family of an engineer, a graduate of Lviv Polytechnic Hillel Safran and teacher Clara Rosen.­­­­­ It

Student of Faculty of Chemical Technology- Winner of Chemistry Olympiad

Андрій Шендрик

Let’s get acquainted: Andrii Shendrik is a fourth-year student of the faculty of Chemical Technology of National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. He studies the chemical synthesis of cosmetics and food additives at the Physical Chemistry department.

Discover the world of chemistry!

2017.03.29 Відкрий для себе світ хімії!

“Discover the world of chemistry!” is the motto of the project “Chemistry as a support and the basis of all sciences without exception” that was help on the 29th of March in the Great Chemical Auditorium.



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