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The school of young scientist–2017

2017.05.17-19 Школа молодого вченого "Кроки до успіху в науково-інноваційній діяльності"

On May 17-19, on the territory of Igor Sikorsky KPI was taking place the School of young scientist-2017 "Steps to success in scientific­ innovation activity".

Research school of KPI mechanics

Колектив КПІ. Наукова школа механіків КПІ, 1958

Establishing of Mechanical Scientific School is directly connected with the creation in Kiev Polytechnic the Department of strength of materials. An outstanding scientist and organizer of Mechanical Engineering Education, the first rector of KPI Distinguished Professor Victor L. Kirpichev first substantiated the need for fundamental reform of higher engineering education in accordance with the actual needs of the industry and transition mechanics science (as the basis of technology) in new "Physics and Technology" during his development.


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