Flag that survived the war

The flag, which Kyiv Polytechnic associates, who have been at war, and have brought it through fire and battles, was presented as a gift for the university.

On the 17th of July during Presidents’ council the graduate of FSL, the ATO veteran Bogdan Kushnir has passed our university the flag, on which its title was written with paint. He and his friend, also the FSL student Vladyslav Dyusov, who passed away on the 31st of May, 2015, have carried this flag during the hardest months of war. The flag is featured on the last picture of friends, take just one day before Vladyslav’s death near Shyrokyne village.

«This flag is a very important gift for us, - said Michael Zgurovsky, the university’s President and NASU academician, to Bogdan Kushnir. – It will obtain a memorable place in a special exhibition, devoted to our defenders from the KPI”. The President also presented Bogdan with the accolade and the book of KPI’s history.

«For parents, friend, the veteran community and those guys who are still there, your attention and support are very invaluable, "Bogdan Kushnir said in response. "It shows that the front and the rear are really together and that we are jointly going to victory.».