The Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute brand is undeniable. Today it enriched itself with such characteristics as innovative, research and mobile. A lot of efforts are being made by the staff of the “non-technical” faculty of management and marketing. The scientists of FMM not only join the “technicians” projects in terms of commercialization of the innovations developed by them, but also tore their own path in theoretical studies of problems of economics, management and marketing, develop methods and mechanisms for the practical realization of scientific achievements.

Understanding is, without exaggeration, of the vital importance and the need to popularize the work done, consequently FMM scientists are more actively published in domestic and foreign magazines. In particular, teachers of the Department of Management in 2016 published 19 scientific works in the issues of Poland, Estonia, Bulgaria and Slovakia.

Particularly close cooperation has been with Polish colleagues. After successful speeches at international conferences, Dean of the FMM Doctor of Technical Sciences, prof. O.A.Gavrysh, Head Department of Management, D.Sc., prof. V.V.Dergachev, Professor of the Department of Management, D.Sc. L.M.Shulgina received invitations and joined the scientific councils of the conferences “Modern problems of theory and practice of management” organized by the management department of Czestochowa technological university and “Creativity in the management of the XXI century”, organized by the Academy of Sciences of Poland, together with several well-known Polish universities, companies and public unions.

The scientific results of Ukrainian scientists caused a lively interest in Polish colleagues, which prompted them to enter the internship at the Department of Management. Incidentally, the first internship of foreign teachers for the 25-year history of FMM issued by the Faculty certificates show that the staff of the Faculty of Management of the Częstochowa Technological University, from March 6 to March 20, 2017, passed a scientific and methodological internship at the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Management Department.

Even before the arrival in Ukraine, the PhD Malgorzata Okriglycyka and PhD Anna Lemanjska-Meijik participated in the study of European models of business with a team of Ukrainian scholars: prof., D.Sc. V.V. Dergachev, prof., Doctor of sciences LM Shulgina, assistant professor, Ph.D. LP Arthemenko, assistant professor, Ph.D. M.A. Pichugin, Ph.D. I.M. Verkhoyad, Ph.D. K.O.Kuznetsova and Candidate of Economic Sciences G.P. Zhaldak. According to research results, scientific articles were published in Ukraine and Poland. The same international team of researchers conducted a comparative analysis of the entrepreneurial activity of Ukrainian and Polish students. It should be noted that Ukrainian students were more active.

During his stay in Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Polish colleagues took part in a scientific and methodological seminar of the department on the development of a methodology for implementing strategic management in the field of small and medium business, joined the development of a questionnaire for collecting primary information on the state of strategic management in Polish and Ukrainian small enterprises, lectured lectures to the students of the direction of “Management”, studied the experience of leadership in academic groups of students at the Department of Management, exchanged teaching experience, gave classes for young teachers (PhD, Assoc. V.Ya.Holyuk, Ph.D. I.M.Verhoglyad etc.).

One of the important points of the training of Polish colleagues was the talks of the staff of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute and the Faculty of Management of Czestochowa Technological University, conducted by the deputy of the Dean of the FMM for international affairs, associate professor, Ph.D. O. A. Pidlishna with participation of the head of the Ukrainian-Polish Center of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute G.I.Bidnyuk. The colleagues exchanged opinions on topical issues of management, preparation of joint publications, exchange of permanent residents, and also determined the directions of further research.

L. M. Shulgina, professor of FMM