Visit of top-manager of «Boeing India» company

Representation delegation of “Boeing” corporation as well as company groups “Progresstech” visited NTUU “KPI” on 16 of May

The members of delegation were the president of «Boeing India» company, Prat Kumar, director of the research and technology center, manaher of engineering and technologies of the company Bala Bharadwaj, chief engineer of «Boeing Design Center Engineering India» Sunil Velagapudi, deputy director of «Boeing Ukraine» Oleksii Stepin, first deputy director of operational management department, director of aviation programs «Boeing Russia/ Commonwealth of Independent States» Dmytro Suhov, president of company groups “Progresstech” Andrii Sharnin, director of “Progresstech-Ukraine” Andrii Fialkovskyi and others.

The quests examined National technical library named after G. I. Denysenka, Foucault’s pendulum, memorials to renowned engineers and scientists whose life and professional activity connected with KPI and may be found on the alley in the historical part of university campus; the guests have also observed expositions of State polytechnic museum and its Aviation and Space Department named after I. Sikorskyi. They have visited Assembly hall of Academic Board of NTUU “KPI”, classroom after S. P. Tymoshenko, S. P. Tymoshenko room where prominent Ukrainian and American scientist and mechanic worked in the beginning of 20th century as well Common educational and scientific center of NTUU, «Boeing» company and “Progresstech-Ukraine” named after S. P. Tymoshenko created on the basis of Mechanical and Engineering institute of NTUU “KPI”. It is to be recalled that this Center provides special training of engineers and mechanics for the work in aviation industry. Potential workers of “Boeing” company and “Progresstech-Ukraine” study here in particular, the majority taking part in the projects realization of «Boeing» corporation Engineering Center opened last year.

In the end, according to traditions, the quests had their photo taken in front of the monument to S. P. Tymoshenko.
The picture of guests examining Special educational and scientific center of NTUU “KPI”, «Boeing» and “Progresstech-Ukraine”mcompanies.