The visit of top-managers delegation who work in the field of aviation

The top-managers delegation of “Taqnia Aeronautics” company (Saudi Arabia) and “Progresstech – Ukraine”, “Tucana Engineering – France” and “Tucana Engineering-Ukraine” visited NTUU “KPI” in January, 13.

The delegation consisted of the executive director of “Taqnia Aeronautics” Hani Radvan, the director of “Progresstech – Ukraine” Andrii Fialkovskyi, the director of “Tucana Engineering – France” Galyna Brovko, the director of “Tucana Engineering-Ukraine” Myroslav Krekota and others.

The quests visited scientific and technical library after G. I. Denysenko, its portraits gallery “Renowned Ukrainians”, Foucault pendulum, historical part of KPI campus as well as expositions of State polytechnic museum and its aviation and cosmonautics department named after I. Sikorskyi. They have also visited common academic and research center of KPI and “Progresstech – Ukraine” company created on the basis of Mechanical and engineering institute of NTUU. The manager of training and further education programs and projects for “Progresstech-Ukraine” staff, Maksym Gladskyi, gave a comprehensive presentation on the educational programs of the center. It is worthy to note that this center provides special training of mechanical engineers for the work in aviation industry, so the information on its programs and plans became of a great interest for guests who represent aviation industry.

The photo of KPI guests in department of aviation and cosmonautics named after I. Sikorskyi of State polytechnic museum.