Volunteers help

Some news from headquarters volunteer battalion of KPI, whose activities since September last year aimed at helping military (ATO members).

Though volunteers could not collect required amount of money for orders coming from ATO area, they decided to continue their activity where considerable amount of money is not required — hospitals. So FEPEA officials led by professor V.B. Pavlov together with the Institute of Electrodynamics repaired electric wheelchair for wounded from Central Clinical Hospital of the State Border Service. At the desire of the hospital FEPEA officials led by the head of the renewable energy sources department S.O. Kudrya together with the Institute of renewable power engineering repaired an operating table. In addition, IASA ex-official Andrew Marchenko repaired functional furniture for hospitals with the charitable fund “Wings of the Phoenix”. Officials of mechanical technology engineering department printed details required for the repair on 3D printer led by V.A. Pasichnyk.

In addition, hospital volunteers continue lessons with the wounded for his career guidance; help other victims to prepare for entering universities. Volunteers also congratulated and presented gifts to the wounded border guards on Victory Day handed foods and necessities to wounded who are treated in the Main Military Clinical Hospital.