Charity football tournament in June 2023

Six teams took part in the competition:

🔹 Team "Polytechnic";
🔹 team of parents;
🔹 Team of veterans;
🔹 team of the Security Department;
🔹 team of the trade union committee.

Special vehicles for Ukraine's defenders

On May 5, representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine received the keys to four ambulances and documents for them. The handover ceremony took place in the KPI on the square near the monument to Igor Sikorsky.

The song will be among us!

Music is a special part of the cultural code of the Ukrainian people. We have the opportunity to remember this during traditional holidays. "Ukrainian Song 2023" was the title of a musical evening that took place recently.

Charity soccer tournament 2023

Four teams took part in the competition:

🔹 ISZZI-1;
🔹 IZHSI-2;
🔹 Students' team;
🔹 The team of the Security Department with the Solomenskyi District Police.

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