Socio-psychological support

The mission of the Department of Social and Psychological Work - Student Social Service - is to help the student community in the development and maintenance of their own potential (the disclosure of which, in fact, is greatly facilitated by volunteering).

Special vehicles for Ukraine's defenders

On May 5, representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine received the keys to four ambulances and documents for them. The handover ceremony took place in the KPI on the square near the monument to Igor Sikorsky.

Forbes about KPI in the second year of the great war

Kyiv Polytechnic coped with new challenges with dignity. In particular, it expanded cooperation with universities in Poland and the University of Sheffield (UK). And now it is confidently among the top three universities in Ukraine.

KPI students donate blood and save lives

The KPI Social Service together with the Mobile Brigade of the URCS organized a donor day at KPI. This donation will replenish the blood bank of the Kyiv City Blood Center and help save the lives of both wounded soldiers and civilian patients.

Wroclaw Helps Ukrainians

Wroclaw, the third largest city in Poland after Warsaw and Krakow, became Polish-Ukrainian. According to the 2021 census, the population of Wroclaw was 673 thousand people.