Socio-psychological support

The mission of the Department of Social and Psychological Work - Student Social Service - is to help the student community in the development and maintenance of their own potential (the disclosure of which, in fact, is greatly facilitated by volunteering).

KPI drones save lives at the front

The electric drones assembled by Kyiv Polytechnic students are now in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The ground drones were sent to evacuate and rescue wounded soldiers to the 23rd Separate Special Forces Battalion in the Eastern sector.

Project "Wi-Fi in shelters of educational institutions"

On October 11, representatives of Huawei Ukraine and the Foundation for Educational Initiatives presented the university management with a certificate of donation of Wi-Fi equipment to provide Internet access to the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute shelters.

A friendship tested by time. The trips to Poland

"Will there be a children's trip to Poland this year?" This question was among the five most frequent requests to the KPI trade union committee before the start of the recreation season. And it was very pleasing, because it shows the successful experience of previous trips.

Training on first aid in KPI

Kyiv Polytechnic students underwent a special training where they learned how to act in case of severe injuries and traumas and how to provide first aid.

The participants not only listened to a lecture but also practiced their new knowledge.

Training and support of Ukrainian women abroad

KPI specialists, in cooperation with the International University of Finance, developed retraining programs and organized training for almost 500 Ukrainian women who left for Poland because of Russian aggression.

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