Mykhailo Zhurovskyi, rector of NTUU “KPI”, appeared at Civil Forum “Strategy of national security of Ukraine” with the speech “Foresight of development of Ukraine”

On December 9, there was a meeting of Civil Forum “Strategy of national security of Ukraine”. Prominent Ukrainian scientist, authority representatives, trade union members and representatives of military complex enterprises, civil organization members, students and media participated in the forum.

Mykhailo Zhurovskyi, rector of NTUU “KPI”, academician of NAS of Ukraine, gave a lecture on possible scenarios of development of Ukraine “Foresight of socio economic development of Ukraine for mid-term (2015-2020) and long-term (2020-2030) perspective”.

“Prerequisites for conducting this research were the critical changes in economy and social system of Ukraine during 2013-2014, - Mykhailo Zhurovskyi told the forum participants when stated this lecture. – It became obvious that former economy of Ukraine with its structure and ideology cannot longer provide the future of the country. The question arose: what economy should we have to satisfy the future of the country? Our research was done to answer this question. The methodology of its scientific prediction, or foresight, was applied. That’s the method that allows forecast future that can be interpreted as usual continuation of past unlike forecasting methods.” (for more information, go to:

The report defined further directions of problem discussion that our country faces nowadays. All of them are concerned with very actual issues that need to be solved right now. Actually, the level of lectures was impressive: Valerii Haiets, Head of the Institute of Economy and Forecast of NAS of Ukraine, academician of NAS, Oleksii Kucherenko, deputy of Ukraine of 3rd, 5th and 6th convocations, Prof. Vasyl Kostytskyi, member of NAPrN of Ukraine, honoured lawyer of Ukraine, and others. Mykola Malomuzh, the Head of High Council of Peoples Community of Ukraine, founder of Civil Forum “Strategy of National Security of Ukraine”, headed at the meeting.

The members of the forum accepted the resolution that will be sent to the country’s authority and organs as the results of its work.