The conference on "Theoretical and applied problems of physics, mathematics and computer science"

On 21- May 22 in NTU "KPI" XII National Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists on «Theoretical and applied problems of physics, mathematics and computer science" took place.

The conference was organized by NTUU "KPI" Physical-Technical Institute of the University. The conference was attended by over 250 participants, including 130 students. Geography of participants: National Mining University (c. Dnepropetrovsk), Kyiv National University. Taras Shevchenko National University "Lviv Polytechnic" and others. The conference also took part series NAS scientific institutions: Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Institute of electrodynamics, Institute of Physiology. Bogomolets Institute of Physics and others.

On the opening day of the conference in the Great physical audience campus №1 participants heard four plenary lecture: "Energy - a global problem of humanity" (Academician, Professor, Head of the Physics Department of Energy AA Khalatov), ​​"Fundamental interactions and new physics" ( Art. lecturer in information security, scientific secretary of the PTI PO Nakaznoy), "Modern approaches to cyber security" (PhD-m. n., v. about. head of the department of information security Hrayvoronskyy MV) "The main idea of ​​reflexive analysis" (n. f PhD., assistant professor of information security SA Smirnov).

Afterwards young scientists were working in the section "Actual problems of modern Physics", "Physics of Energy Systems", "Theoretical and applied problems of mathematics and computer science", "Theoretical and applied problems of cryptographic information protection", "Problems of information in information and communications systems" and "The theory and practice of technical protection of information".

Overall, participants of the scientific conference heard and discussed 134 reports.